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We have a wide and ever increasing selection of articles and papers on restoring Eddystone Radio’s. Most have been written by Gerry O’Hara who is also the author of the series of Eddystone Technical Shorts. If you have restored an Eddystone set and would like to share your experiences with others then send your article to the EUG Webmaster at g0eyo@blueyonder.co.uk. Please note that Gerry’s e mail address is no longer as shown on many of these articles but he can be contacted on gerrycohara@gmail.com.

Gerry O’Hara’s (VE7GUH) Technical Shorts

‘Technical Shorts’ is a series of (fairly) short articles prepared for the Eddystone User Group (EUG) website, each focussing on a technical issue of relevance in repairing, restoring or using Eddystone valve radios. However, much of the content is also applicable to non-Eddystone valve receivers. The articles are the author’s personal opinion, based on his experience and are meant to be of interest or help to the novice or hobbyist. They are not meant to be a definitive or exhaustive treatise on the topic under discussion. References are provided for those wishing to explore the subjects discussed in more depth. The author encourages feedback and discussion on any topic covered through the EUG forum. To download the articles click on the titles below

No1:Eddystone Cap Lore; Failure, Testing, Replacing and Fixing download
No2: Resistor Lore for Eddystones download
No3: Fuse Lore for Eddystones download
No4: Making a case for an S750 download
No5: Crystal Filters and Receiver Selectivity download
No 6: Eddystone Receiver Alignment download
No 7: Eddystone Circuits download
No 8: Eddystone AC/DC Lore download
No 9: Eddystone Christmas Tale download
No 10: Eddystone Receiver Test Equipment download
No 11: Eddystone Valve Lore download
No 12: Radio Receiver Fault Finding download
No 13: Aerial Matching download
No 14: AGC download
No 15: Inductor Lore download
No 16: Detectors and Discriminators download
No 17: Restoring Eddystone Receivers download
No 18: Operating Your Eddystone download
No 19: Making a Type “E” style Case download
No 20: Eddystone Dial Drive Mechanism and Gearbox download
No 21: Eddystone Plinth Speaker download
No 22: Switches download
No 23: Alignment using a Wobbulator download
No 24: Oscilloscope in Radio Servicing download
No 25:  Receiver Front Ends download
No 26: Valve Types and Characteristics download
No 27: Early Semiconductor Lore download
No 28 Radio Dentistry(working in tight spaces) NEW  download



Various NEW Refurbishment of an Eddystone EA12 NEW  Victor Jenkins download
Various  A Story about an Eddystone 888A   Victor Jenkins download
Various  RF Earthing Problem with Eddystone Receivers   Victor Jenkins download
S940  S940 Tuning an AGC system   Victor Jenkins download
S730  Cord Replacement Instructions   Eddystone download
S730  Cord Replacement Instructions   Eddystone download
S680X  S680X Product Detector Installation   Roy Kavanagh download
S820  S820 Re-re- revisited    Gerry O’Hara download
S830/4  S830/4 Re-re- revisited    Gerry O’Hara download
S680/2  S680/2 revisited in 2020   Gerry O’Hara download
S940 Postscript to ‘Installing a 500KHz Crystal Calibrator Unit in an Eddystone S.940’   Gerry O’Hara download
S888A  Eddystone S888A Revisited   Gerry O’Hara download
S940  Installing a 500kHz crystal calibrator in an S940   Gerry O’Hara download
S940  Eddystone S940 Revisited   Gerry O’Hara download
S640  Eddystone S640 Revisited   Gerry O’Hara download
S750  Eddystone S750 Revisited   Gerry O’Hara download
S750  Restoring an Eddystone S750   Gary Albach download
S840 Restoration of an Eddystone S840  Gerry O’Hara download
S840 Postscript to article below on Restoration of S840 concerning a BFO fault Gerry O’Hara download
S840A Restoration of an Eddystone S840A  NEW Deltro D’Arisbo download
S820 Restoration of an Eddystone S820 FM Tuner Gerry O’Hara download
S820 Postscript to his restoration of an S820 FM Tuner Gerry O’Hara download
S640 Restoration of an Eddystone S640 Gerry O’Hara download
S680/2 Restoration of an Eddystone S680/2 Part 1 Gerry O’Hara download
S680/2 Restoration of an Eddystone S680/2 Part 2 Gerry O’Hara download
S680X An overview of the S680X Bandswitch NEW Andy GW0JXM download
S680X S680X Circuit redrawn, parts list,  bandswitch info and table of voltages Andy GW0JXM download
S750 Restoration of an Eddystone S750 for SPARC Gerry O’Hara download
S750 Restoration of anEddystone S750 with reviews and supporting data Gerry O’Hara download
S750 Restoration of an Eddystone S750 without reviews and supporting data Gerry O’Hara download
S740 Restoration of an Eddystone S740 Gerry O’Hara download
S740 Article on an Eddystone inspired  S meter and Speaker Gerry O’Hara download
830/4 Restoration of an Eddystone 830/4 Gerry O’Hara download
830/4 Revisit to the Eddystone 830/4 to repair and re-align the set Gerry O’Hara download
830/4 Using a Wobbulator to re-align the Eddystone 830/4 Gerry O’Hara download
S940 Restoration of Eddystone S940 part 1 Gerry O’Hara download
S940 Restoration of an Eddystone S940 part 2 Gerry O’Hara download
S680X Restoration of an Eddystone 680X Gerry O’Hara download
S770R Restoration of an Eddystone S770R Gerry O’Hara download
S770U Restoration of an Eddystone S770U Mk1  Gerry O’Hara download
S358X Restoration of an Eddystone 358X Gerry O’Hara download
S358X Restoration of an Eddystone 358X with annex containing adverts from Wireless World Gerry O’Hara download
902 Restoration of an Eddystone Edometer Gerry O’Hara download
EC10 Article on Much Modified EC10 Mk1 Gerry O’Hara download
EC10 Restoring an EC10 when the glass scale is un-useable Stuart Gillies download
EC10 Restoration of an Eddystone EC10 Mk 1 Part 1 Gerry O’Hara download
EC10 Restoration of an Eddystone EC10 Mk 1 Part 1 with attachments Gerry O’Hara download
EC10 Restoration of Eddystone EC10 Mk1 Part 2 with postscript on EC10A and EC10/2 Gerry O’Hara download
EC10 Restoration of the IF section of an Eddystone EC10 Paul Gilpin ZS2PG download
EC10 Article from Radio Scan July 2007 on making a PSU for the EC10 Stef Niewiadomski download
EC10 Short article  describing how to build a stabilized psu into an EC10 without any metalwork or modifications to the set or battery holder Gerry O’Hara download
EB35 Mk1 Restoration of an Eddystone EB35 Mk1 Gerry O’Hara download
1830/1 Portrait of an Eddystone Model 1830/1 Gerry O’Hara download
1830/1 NEW 1830 100kHz IF Filter Alignment NEW Mike VK4GV download
1830/1 NEW Renovation, Full Alignment, Test & Review  NEW Mike VK4GV download
1004 Photos of 1004A Marconi Marine Sentinel by pre-restoration Glenn Little WB4UIV download
general Step by Step Inductance Charts and Tables Gerry O’Hara download
S730/4 From Rubbish Skip to Beauty Queen- Restoration of an S730/4 Alan Crooks _(ed Gerry O’Hara) download
898 Eddystone 898 Drive Unit in an HBR13C Receiver Gerry O’Hara download
1570/1 Portrait of an Eddystone 1570/1 Receiver Gerry O’Hara download
S504 Dial Drive Cleaning and Servicing Roy Kavanagh GM4VKI (edited by Gerry O’Hara) download
840A  Using a Marquis 2 pin plug for a mains connector Philip Leahy (edited by Gerry O’Hara) download
870 Article on the restoration of an S870 NEW Gerry O’Hara download
EC958/5 Article on Repair of EC958/5  NEW RoyKavanagh
888 Article on Restoration of Eddystone 888 Receiver Wendy Mott


I made this little series of videos about my work on the S680X simply to share with others with a similar interest. They are not structured and it’s by no means a complete story and I’m sure members will see all sorts of errors and bad practice for which I apologise in advance. I will be making other videos that will no doubt feature the S680X.

I hope the user group members can get some pleasure out of my videos and forgive my errors but it does mean that from now on I’ll have to pay extra attention to my videos if they are to be scrutinised by the experts.

For each of the following videos I’ve included the standard ‘Long link’ and that’s followed by the High Definition link.

Please note that when you click on the URL you will get a message saying that the video cannot be opened within a frame. Just follow the instructions to open the video up on a new page.

About Radio … Part 20  Introduction



About Radio … Part 21 second part of introduction.



About Radio … Part 22



About Radio … Part 23 tunings section



About Radio … Part 24 power supply



About Radio … Part 25 mains transformer



About Radio … Part 26 working towards mains test



About Radio … Part 27 It’s working!



About Radio … Part 28 Listening to some stations



About Radio … Part 29 Inrush current



So to anyone who may be interested please leave a comment on the video as it may guide me into a direction that has wider appeal.

Kind Regards … Andy Davies.


An Eddystone All World Two came up for sale on Australian E-bay recently with a very interesting history. It was purchased by Louis Vermond VE3AWA an EUG member in Canada and restored by Gerry O’Hara VE7GUH another Canadian member. This series of articles, information and video files is a classic bit of work and research into one of the most famous but rare early Eddystone sets.

All World Two Restoration Article with Appendices  (Download 17Mb)

All World Two Restoration Article without Appendices ( Download 4Mb)

All World Two Restoration Article Appendices and Flyers ( Download 14Mb)

All World Two Coil Calibration Curves ( Download 2Mb)

AW2 Coil Charts with bands spreadsheet (Download200kb)

Reception of WWV on 10MHz on AW2   (Download 5Mb)

AM Reception on AW2 file 2 (Download 12Mb)

SSB Reception on AW2 on 20m (Download 7Mb)

Replica of All World Two supplied by Jim Mc Gowan M0MAC (download)

ARTWORK FOR DIALS AND FINGERPLATES (note. Ian Nutt can supply fingerplates for a number of sets – see the Spares section of the Website)

NEW Andrew Van Tilburg in Melbourne Australia has created dial artwork for the Eddystone 730/4. There are two files:

  1. A Visio file which will need to be unzipped. Download and
  2. A pdf file for those who don’t have Visio. Download

Dial Scan of S504 dial courtesy of Mike Gaydon (download)

Artwork for Reproduction Fingerplate for S504 courtesy of Gerry O’Hara, George Gorczynski and Roy Kavanagh (download jpg file) or  (download pdf file) or (download .wmf file)

Artwork for Reproduction Fingerplate for S680 courtesy of Gerry O’Hara

.pdf format .

.wmf format

.jpg format

Artwork for Reproduction Fingerplate for S750 courtesy of Gerry O’Hara

.pdf format .

.wmf format

.jpg format

Artwork for Reproduction Fingerplate for S640 courtesy of Gerry O’Hara

.pdf format .

.wmf format

.jpg format

Artwork for Reproduction Fingerplate for S870 courtesy of Gerry O’Hara NEW

.pdf format .

.wmf format

.jpg format

Artwork for Reproduction Fingerplate for S870A courtesy of Gerry O’Hara NEW

.pdf format .

.wmf format

.jpg format


EC10 dial scale artwork (download)

NEW EC10 Mk1 dial scale artwork from Richard G8MWQ  ( EC10 Scale EC10 Scale_Mirror )


S870A Dial Scan artwork (may need to adjust for final size) (download) from Stef Niewiadomski

S870A Dial Scan artwork (may need to adjust for final size from Nico PA0NVD 








S870A Dial artwork from John G8GMB



Joe K9LY from Chicago needed a new 888A dial plate for a restoration project. A friend of his, Mike – KA9CLP, was kind enough to lay out the dial scale on his computer for him. The original scale was in truly terrible shape. Nearly half the original scale (including the base paint) had been rubbed off by some overzealous cleaner. Then a very non-original looking paper scale had been stuck over it! A local sign-making shop had a large-format printer that printed the new scale onto a sheet of thin, gray, self-adhesive plastic. Then Joe applied it to the metal plate and carefully cut out the opening for the fine-tuning scale window. Joe thinks this layout could be of use to other 888A owners if they have a seriously bad-looking dial plate.

Click on the following to see the finished results.



Picture of Overlay

Picture of Overlay attached to back plate

Picture of assembled 888A with new dial

S830/7 coil box

1:1 scan of an S830/7 coilbox cover, courtesy of Graeme Wright (download)

(NEW) Repair of Eddystone 1002/2

Lou Blasco VK3ALB  thought the members might be interested in his repair of an Eddystone 1002/2.