Eddystone User Group

Servicing Eddystone Receivers

Many enthusiasts lack the skills to repair and restore their Eddystone Receivers and this page lists people and companies who will offer a commercial repair service. Although we know and recommend the people listed here it must be understood that the Eddystone User Group are not acting as an agent for them nor are they taking any responsibility should there be a dispute. Our intention is to act as an honest broker and put people in touch with each other.

List of People/Organisations who offer a repair service

  1. Graham Gosling, East Coast Wireless, 01945 780808 or e mail coastwire@aol.com. Graham can offer a general repair service for a wide range of Eddystone  Receivers
  2. Ed Dinning, Newcastle on Tyne, 01207 270122 or e mail ed_dinning@yahoo.co.uk  Ed specialises in re-winds and new design work on mains/output transformers and chokes as well as a wide range of valve era spares

Can you offer a service facility to Eddystone Collectors?. Want to list your organisation here?. It is free of charge. Send contact details of where you are and what you can do and we will add you to our list