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Eddystone Factory Blueprint Register

The Eddystone Drawing Numbering system was fairly unique. All drawings had a BP reference (which stood for Blueprint) and parts lists were designated LP specifications. This system started in the early 1930s and was kept going until the factory closed in 2002. The Blueprint Register was kept in hard-backed green foolscap books and they recorded all the drawings from BP101 in 1932 until BP3023 in 1994. Luckily Alan Ainslie took a copy of this information when he sorted out the company archives in the early 1990’s. One of the registers (the first one) was found in the skip at Healey Road, Selly OakĀ  by Graeme, when the company went bust as part of Megahertz in 2002 and when he was invited by the then General Manager Matt Parkes, to come and help himself to any material that might of interest to the EUG. This book was copied by Ted Moore and Graeme ended up with a copy which he has recently re-discovered following a request from Chris G0EYO. We don’t know what happened to the original but have hopes that it might turn up somewhere someday.

The BP register is an interesting historical document of the company’s development from the very earliest days. I have begun to transcribe it and turn it into .pdf documents which can be downloaded from this website. The original books were handwritten and some pages have not copied well so there may be some mistakes in the transcription. Where I am unsure about something I have added (sic) or (???) to the transcript. If anyone spots any obvious errors then please let me know via e mail (g0eyo@blueyonder.co.uk)

Chris G0EYO

Part No BP No to BP No Dates download
1 BP101 to BP339 1932 to early 1937 download
2 BP340 to BP680 1937 to 1947 download
3 BP 681 to BP1010 1948 to 1960 download
4 to follow
5 to follow
6 to follow
7 to follow