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Wanted Eddystone EC10 receiver (1963/65)

October 03, 2023 By: chris Category: Wanted

Eric White in Worcestershire UK is looking for an  Eddystone EC10  Receiver (1963/1965) in good condition, although can be none working. If you can help Eric please contact him via email   eewhite359@btinternet.com




Wanted Left Frame Panel And Disc Set Cover For Eddystone 958/3

July 28, 2023 By: chris Category: Wanted

Dean Preziosi of Shirley, Massachusetts, USA is seeking a left frame panel and disc set cover for an Eddystone 958/3. He has included a picture of the receiver showing the left side minus the two pieces. Please contact him at

tonym4704@gmail.com if you can help out. 







Wanted IF Transformer for S750 Radio

December 22, 2022 By: chris Category: Wanted

Steve in Stroud, Glos is looking for an I.F. transformer for his S750 radio. The one he needs is marked as 3rd I.F. on the circuit diagram and has the part number D1535 stamped on the base plate, it’s the final 85KHZ variable bandwidth one, ( see attached picture). The secondary winding is O/C and Steve has checked the connections from the terminations of the coil to the connecting wire links and no break is visible so the failure is deep within the coil itself unfortunately. If you can help Steve contact him via e mail SteveJawor60@outlook.com










Wanted original ECR service manual and other items

December 20, 2022 By: chris Category: Wanted

UPDATED 23/12/22

Andy Humphriss in Stratford upon Avon is looking to acquire the following for his E.C.R. receiver:

  1. Original copy of the Eddystone E.C.R. Manual,
  2. Mains transformer (can be re wound )
  3. Crystal phasing /Selectivity unit in a die cast box, (NEW ITEM)

If you can help Andy contact him on  andrewhumphriss@tinyworld.co.uk 




Wanted Power Transformer for S640

November 01, 2022 By: chris Category: Wanted

Bob Clifford in Bromsgrove, Worcs, is looking for a replacement original power transformer for his recently purchased S640 as the one in-situ is non standard. If you can help Bob please contact him on bobaclifford@icloud.com



Wanted Loudspeaker for 730/4 receiver

September 26, 2022 By: chris Category: Wanted

Alan Cavender, near Hexham in Northumberland, is looking for an Eddystone speaker for his 730/4 receiver.  If you can help Alan then please contact him via e mail  alcav@yahoo.com.






Information wanted to repair EP961 Mk 2 Panadaptor

August 20, 2022 By: chris Category: Wanted

Bart Slager is looking for information and parts for his EP961 which until recently was working OK then suddenly lost high tension. Unfortunately the high tension unit is fully encapsulated and he has been unable to source a replacement.

Bart thinks that if he knew the part number of the transformer and the pcb he might have better luck. However his copy of the  manual doesn’t have the section with the part numbers for the transformers and pcb’s.

Therefore he is seeking help from;

– anyone knows these parts numbers

– anyone has any experience in repairing the unit

– anyone is ready for selling an EP961MkII-B in parts or complete

If you can help Bart contact him via e mail on bart.slager@gmail.com


Wanted Eddystone 358X and accessories

May 30, 2022 By: chris Category: Wanted

James in Bromsgrove, Worcs is interested in acquiring an Eddystone 385x with speaker, power unit, and
coils. Any condition considered. If you can help James contact him via Email james_clifford2@yahoo.co.uk 



Irish SWL looking to buy S940, EB35 Mk3 or EC10 Receiver

April 08, 2022 By: chris Category: Wanted

Gerard in County Cork, Ireland is looking to purchase either an Eddystone S940 ,  EB35 MK 3 , or EC10  receiver to replace an EB35 Mk 3 he had in the 1990s. He is looking to get a set in good working order which also SSB on the ham bands although he would look at other options. 

Obviously Gerard  would prefer it if any available radios were in Ireland, and would be willing to pay for delivery as he does not have a car. If you think you can assist Gerard please contact him via e mail gerard.nicholson@yahoo.com    .





Wanted Eddystone S830 or EA12 receiver

December 13, 2021 By: chris Category: Wanted

Jeff M0WSZ inNewton Abbott is looking to purchase an Eddystone valve receiver with a product detector. A nice  S830 or EA12 receiver would be ideal. If you have something that would be of interest to Jeff you can contact him via email on jeff@iqengineeringconsultants.com