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Wanted: Replacement dial or pdf/jpg scan required for S680X

October 15, 2021 By: chris Category: Wanted


Louis VE2DIK is looking to fix his S680X dial which is in rather poor condition. He is looking for a new or used dial plate (maybe from a part donor) or if if not, maybe, someone has a precision pdf or jpg scan of the dial so he  could find a way to reprint it. If you can help Louis the you can contact him on Ve2dik@videotron.ca




Wanted: Grey Volume knob for S870 plus the complete dial

August 21, 2021 By: chris Category: Wanted

Andy Humphriss, 2E0NDZ in Stratford upon Avon is seeking a a grey knob for the volume control on a Type S870 Eddystone Receiver together with the complete dial. If you can help Andy please contact him via e-mail: andrewhumphriss@tinyworld.co.uk





All World Two Receiver Wanted

August 21, 2021 By: chris Category: Wanted

Geo VE3GZB is looking to purchase a complete “All World Two” receiver in fair shape. If coils are not included or available he is still interested in a complete chassis with valves. But no “leaky attics” or “leaky basement” specials please. If you can help Geo, then contact him via e mail Gusli Kokle <guslikokle@gmail.com>




Wanted Cabinet for Eddystone 670A

April 12, 2021 By: chris Category: Wanted

Andrew 2E0NDZ in Stratford upon Avon is looking for a cabinet, any colour, for an Eddystone 670A receiver. If you can help Andrew then please contact him on  andrewhumphriss@tinyworld.co.uk




Wanted:  Eddystone HF Radio Receiver

December 03, 2020 By: chris Category: Wanted


Gary Stitt KB9JTX in Illinois, United States is looking to purchase an Eddystone radio receiver.  An S.830 or EC-958 would be preferred, but others will be considered if they include the A.M. broadcast band.  GWO is preferable, particularly for the more complex EC-958.  Badge-engineered versions such as Marconi and Hagenuk are fine.  Willing to pay a good price for a fine radio, together with all shipping costs.  Please contact Gary at gstitt.docz@yahoo.com if you can help.





Miniature plug-in coil 706/P pink wanted

November 30, 2020 By: chris Category: Wanted

Lou Vermond VE3AWA in Canada is looking to purchase the miniature plug-in coil 706/P pink as shown on the attached advert. If you can help Lou contact him on Ldvermond@sympatico.ca


















Eddystone 830 Receiver – TUNING and INCREMENTAL knobs wanted

September 03, 2020 By: chris Category: Wanted


Tony in Melbourne Australia has recently purchased a very nice Eddystone 830 receiver which originally came from a Government auction 10 years ago. Oddly, it has two knobs that just do not look original –Tony has no idea how they ended up on the set. See photo of the non-original knobs circled in red. He is looking to buy the correct knobs if anyone has them for sale. A quick look would suggest that these knobs were not only used on the 830’s but other models as well, so perhaps there might be a few floating around that someone is willing to part with.

The two knobs are the ‘TUNING’ and the ‘INCREMENTAL’ knobs. Black with satin metal insert as shown on the second photo. Tony is located in Melbourne Australia. Contact him via email  tony@tzed.com.au if you can help him.







Wanted: cabinet for EC958 receiver

July 27, 2020 By: chris Category: Wanted

Lawrence G4GZG  in Torquay, South Devon is looking to buy an Eddystone 8256/1P cabinet for EC958 receiver, or advice on similar case to fit. Reasonable price paid depending on condition plus carriage. If you think you can help Lawrence please contact him on    g4gzg@yahoo.com






Mains connector for Eddystone S870A wanted

May 04, 2020 By: chris Category: Wanted

Eddie King  G4HWC/DJ0SS in Wedermark, Germany is looking a mains connector for his S870A. Eddie knows these are rare item but is willing to pay a reasonable price. If you can help Eddie the contact him via e mail 

Eddie King <KingEdwin@gmx.net>





Wanted Eddystone 990R VHF receiver in table top cabinet

March 19, 2020 By: chris Category: Wanted

Bruce KA2IVY in Syracuse, New York wants to buy a 990R VHF receiver in table top cabinet. Need not be working but must be complete. Bruce will meet all shipping costs contact Bruce on ka2ivy@verizon.net if you can help him

Edited to change request from 990S to 990R receiver 30/6/2020