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Items for Sale or Wanted – Terms and Conditions

You can use the website to sell off your unwanted Eddystone items or to seek new ones. Acceptance of adverts will be solely at the webmasters discretion. Adverts are free to private individuals (i.e. not traders or dealers), although donations are always welcome

To place an advert on this “For Sale/Wanted” page, simply send the details to g0eyo@blueyonder.co.uk. Say what personal information you want to appear in the advert, minimum e mail address and where you are located. Photographs can be used if suitable and a full description always help sell something. Please make sure you state the condition of the items.

The Eddystone User Group are not acting as agents and  take no responsibility for sale and purchase of items.

It is up to the purchaser and vendor to satisfy themselves as to authenticity of items and settlement of monies etc. Items will be automatically removed after 1 year

Please be aware of potential scammers i.e. someone who wanted an eddystone item gets an offer to sell with request to send money to western union account. Euger asks for photographs of item and is sent photographs copied from another site for similar item. You must take care with anyone from overseas offering to buy from or sell to you. Satisfy yourself that the purchaser is genuine, i.e. get an address, do not accept courier pick up or cheques for larger amounts than agreed price with you letting them have cash for the difference. Be careful, use your commonsense. The EUG trustees can take no responsibility for any problems arising from providing this for sale/wanted service to genuine Eddystone enthusiasts.

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