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Welcome to the Eddystone User Group Website

April 09, 2015 By: barclayjamesadmin Category: News

This is the official Eddystone User Group Website which is dedicated to the radio products manufactured by Eddystone Radio Limited, (formerly Stratton and Laughton) from the early days of radio in the 1920s until the factories closure in 2002. It contains a wealth of information about the company, its products and their service manuals together with articles and newsletter contributed by others on restoration, repairs, and servicing of Eddystone sets. This information is freely available to download, all we ask is that it is not used for commercial purposes. The left hand side-bar will take you to the more popular pages and the right hand side bar lists radios and parts for sale or wanted by EUGers. The top bar has drop down menus which will direct you to all the information the site contains.  Enjoy.