Eddystone User Group

James De La Mare SK

It is with sorrow that I have to announce the death of one the founding trustees of the Eddystone User Group, James De La Mare who passed away on 3rd May 2014 at the age of 75. James (who was related to the poet Walter De la Mare), had homes in Minchinhampton, Glos and London, was a great collector and hoarder of cars, radio and electrical items. Although not a licensed radio amateur, James was a frequent attendee at radio and motor rallies. He was a former secretary to the Brooklands Society and Families need Fathers and was also involved in his old school Lancing College where he was part of the veterans shooting team events held at Bisley. It was my belief that James probably never had a proper job but was of independent means and used his talents and connections by serving on various committees and organisations. A fascinating character and something of a man of mystery who will be sadly missed by his friends.

Chris Pettitt G0EYO EUG Webmaster