Eddystone User Group

List of Useful links to other web sites with Eddystone Connections

http://www.wythallradioclub.co.uk/ Wythall Radio Club

http://www.bbceng.info/: Great site with reminiscences and history of BBC Engineering Operations and Projects, these were customers of Eddystone Radio in the 80’s and 90’s

http://vintage-radio.info/index.htm: Very useful site for restoring and refurbishing vintage radios

http://www.valve-radio.co.uk: Newish site dedicated to vintage wireless, lots of useful information

http://www.vk2bv.org/radio/ Link to Chris Parry’s book on Restoration of valve projects

http://www.s-banner.at Steve Banner’s site OE3SBN (also G8FPg) showing collection of Eddyston Receivers

http://www.dxing.com/vintlink.htm : The web resource for Radio Hobbyists with nice Radio Collecting page

http://freespace.virgin.net/mark.roper/receivers.htm: Classic Boat Anchors web site from Radio Exports.com

http://www.telegraph-office.com/pages/mm.html: Copy of A look at the Eddystone  bug by Colin Waters, G3TSS Extract from “Morsum Magnificat”

http://www.shopingathome.com/Military%20Wireless.htm: Website for Manuals and Circuit Diagrams for Vintage Military Equipment

http://www.qsl.net/vk3jeg/edd_ec10.html: Excellent article on the EC10 by Chris Arthur VK3JEG

http://www.eddystone-broadcast.com/ : This is the current web site of SBS Eddystone who still make Eddystone broadcast transmitters

http://www.jvgavila.com/eddy830.htm: EB5AG’s excellent web page on the 830/7 which he restored.

http://www.glowbug.nl/radio/EddyStone840A.html: Onno’s Electronic pages on the Eddystone 840A

http://www.glowbug.nl/radio/Eddystone.html: Ono’s Electronic pages on the Eddystone 870A

http://www.thevalvepage.com/radios/eddystone/840a/eddy840a.htm: A really nice web page by J Evans on his Eddystone 840A, beautiful pictures

http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_102188/article.html: Article about EUG member Peter Lankshear’s vintage radio collection

http://www.radiomuseum.org/dsp_hersteller_detail.cfm?company_id=5737: Interesting web page from the Radio Museum with references to Eddystone receivers.

http://www.coastalradio.org.uk/cullercoats.htm: Web page on the Cullercoats coastal radio station with reference to Eddystone receivers.

www.qsl.net/g4bxd/eddystone.htm     Ben Nock’s site, Various Eddystones and many other sets.http://www.qsl.net/g4bxd/eddystone.htm