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Make a Donation to the EUG fund

Access to the information on this web site is freely available to everyone. However web-sites don’t come for free and one and we do have annual ISP cost to pay for. We are fortunate to be able to fund the website and the maintenance of the archives through donations from our users, so if you have found this web site useful and would like to make a contribution to its upkeep please contact the EUG Patron, Chris Pettitt G0EYO via e mail g0eyo(at)blueyonder.co.uk  ( replace (at) with @) and he will send you instructions on how to make a donation. Alternatively you can make a donation via paypal using account donations(at)eddystoneusergroup.org.uk  marking the payment as   gift to avoid paypal charges. Please let Chris know of your intentions so we can look out for the donation and thank you for your generosity.

We will keep an honour roll register of those Eddystone fans who have supported our cause through donations of money or content

Donation Honour Roll


  1. Eddystone User Group
  2. Jim McGowan M0MAC
  3. Anthony Watkiss
  4. Ian Evans
  5. Stephen Lindsay-Smith G1KXP
  6. Graeme Wormald G3GGL
  7. Bill GW0ION and Vera Cooke
  8. Roger Adam G7JAQ
  9. Ian Clark
  10. Roy Elwen
  11. Louis Meulstee PA0PCR
  12. Graham Marshall G3RJW
  13. Michael Cassidy
  14. Philip Davies (ex G1EMD)
  15. Mark Skidmore
  16. Graham Thomas
  17. Thomas Toth G4ORF
  18. Andy Dailey GM0REZ
  19. Gerry O’Hara G8GUH
  20. Richard Hall GM0OGN
  21. Phill Harris G4SPZ
  22. David Oakden
  23. Graham Stanley G8GYI
  24. Barry Jackson ZS2H
  25. Collin Stuart MM1APS
  26. Frank Garrett
  27. Peter Wilson
  28. Tony Bird G3MJX
  29. David Dickinson
  30. Richard Hall GM0OGN
  31. Dave Baker
  32. Tom Toth G4ORF
  33. Peter G3BPM
  34. Anonymous
  35. Tom Toth G4ORF
  36. G4TXF
  37. G3VYU
  38. Ian Evan, Ebbw Vale
  39. Mike G0NEY
  40. Chris G0EYO
  41. Roy Elwen
  42. Tony Smith
  43. Ian Nutt
  44. Mike Redmond
  45. Phil Harris
  46. Werner Kulman
  47. A Robinson
  48. A Stephney
  49. Bernard Harris
  50. Chris Mill
  51. Mike Osborne
  52. Warren K2ORS
  53. Rick Taylor
  54. Richard Seidon
  55. Ray Binning
  56. Joes Miguel Pena EA3BEM
  57. Ian Evans
  58. Alan G3WXI
  59. Albert Sephton
  60. Richard Pickup
  61. Fernando Z21BB
  62. Ken O’Brian
  63. Richard Hall GM0OGN
  64. Thomas Toth G4ORF
  65. Gary Moles New Zealand
  66. Andy Hearn G3UEQ
  67. Bernard Harris
  68. Alan Robinson
  69. Barry Jackson ZS2H
  70. Colin Young, Glasgow
  71. Rhys Griffiths
  72. Thomas Toth G4ORF
  73. Peter Runnalls
  74. Anthony Valentine
  75. Alan Robinson
  76. Louis Vermond VE3AWA
  77. Paul Karlas G3VCN
  78. Gerry Chanderl G0TAA
  79. Alan Strong G3WXI
  80. Paul Preston
  81. Stuart Whithnall
  82. Alan Brookes & Mike Osborne
  83. Ian Fleming G3ZDQ
  84. Richard Hall GM0OGN
  85. Carl Da Costa
  86. Allan Coughlin GW3TOB
  87. David Limmer
  88. Gerard Drinkwater
  89. Louis Vermond VE3AWA
  90. Nick van Vonno
  91. Simon Roberts 
  92. Roy Bellwood
  93. Josef Lekostaj K9LY
  94. Bruce Murray
  95. Richard Harris G3OTK
  96. Tom Toth G4ORF
  97. Tony Zuiderwyk VK3HC
  98. Ian Mackay
  99. Hammond Electronics (makes of famous Eddystone Diecast Boxes)
  100. Guy Roberts G0UKN
  101. Derek Thom G3NKS
  102. Nick van Vonno
  103. Lou Blasco VK3ALB
  104. Frank Chadwick
  105. Louis Vermond VE3AWA
  106. Richard Hall GM0OGN
  107. Anthony Norden M0WWV
  108. Stuart Withnall 
  109. Chris Sharp
  110. Joe LeKostaj K9LY
  111. Ian Reeve M0IDR
  112. Thomas Toth G4ORF
  113. Ian Reeve M0IDR
  114. Ken Brooks G3XSJ