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  1. Adrian says:


    Im clearing out a lot of my shack to raise funds for a new radio, one of my radios i want to let go is an Eddystone S504, its in good condition and all works fine, even the S meter and bulbs are working fine, just wondering if you could give me any idea of its worth or the best place to try and sell it

    Kind Regards

    Adrian G0KOM

    • Adrian
      The S504 is post war set c 1948. They are quite rare. Price depends on condition but I would have thought to a collector between £80 and £150 might see it sold. Best place for prices is undoubtedly E bay otherwise we could put it in the for sale section of this web site. Would need a front and rear view pic and does it come with mains lead and plug. Location of set is also helpful.
      Chris G0EYO
      EUG Webmaster

  2. muzaffar says:

    ihave radio s870a
    made in england
    this is in well condition and on in working condtion
    i want sell this

  3. Hallo friends!
    I greet you from the city of Breclav, The Czech Republic. My name is Lubos and I would like to ask you for help.
    I bought a receiver Eddystone 6200/2 when I was on ham radio meeting in FHN (Germany).
    The receiver is in great condition, works well, but there is one problem. If you rotate by a tuning knob, the frequency changes uncontrollably up and down. Selecting the frequency using the keyboard is OK.
    I need service documentation, I suppose the fault could be in the tuning encoder.
    Did anyone fix this problem? I’ll be glad for any advice.
    I would like to fix the problem, because Eddystone 6200 is a great and valuable RX!!

    Thanks for your help in advance

    Lubos, OK2BVG

    • Lubomir. We dont have a service manual in our archives for the 6200 receiver just an installation and operating manual. I think you need to join the Eddystone User Group Yahoo Forum and put a request on there but I think you will not find it easy to find a service manual. Regards Chris G0EYO

  4. peter tattersall says:

    I have a 870A receiver bought in Sweden in 1964 while working there as a printer. I am 84 yrs. now and I have’ fished’ it out to see if it still works. Alas no. I live in Edinburgh now after my travels and I was wondering if there are any of your members living in this neck of the woods I could contact to find the cause of the fault.I spent all this afternoon reading your excellent website and didn’t realise the extent of the Eddystone following.Thank you.

    • Peter I will put a request on the EUG Yahoo Forum. We no longer run a membership organisation just a website. Regards
      Chris G0EYO

  5. Rick Kirkland says:

    I hope you don’t mind me emailing you. I have an r Eddystone 680X.for sale – would this interest your group as I am in New Zealand. It seems to be working, I have the round speaker also.

    • chris says:

      Rick, we have readers in NZ. Send me an e mail and I will put it on our website under For Sale. Pics or statement on condition would be nice plus what you are looking for and whether you will ship/courier. send to me Chris G0EYO g0eyo@blueyonder.co.uk

  6. pete williams says:

    G’day Chris…… I’ve sent a couple of requests to Ian Nutt asking for the iron dust/slugs for the antenna coil for Band 1 in a 680X… silence was very pregnant…no response.
    I’ve also asked via email to you to publish my request on this site but to best f =of my knowledge I’ve never seen it or eve if it got to you.
    What do I have to do to seek amends, please?

    Pete VK3IZ QTH R

    • Pete you sent me an e mail on the 10th saying you wanted slugs etc as if you thought I sold them. I advised you to contact Ian Nutt. I cannot answer for his actions or lack of. He does it as a hobby rather than for profit. At no stage have I received an e mail from you asking me to put in a request on the wanted page of the website for your items. If you had I would gladly have done so and will do so now if you wish. Please spell out clearly what it is you are looking for and any options you would consider. You should also consider joining the Yahoo EUG group forum as most of our enthusiasts help each other out via that forum. Chris G0EYO

      • pete williams says:

        Thanks Chris….my apologies for misinterpreting the procedure.

        Would you then list my requirement for coil slugs..

        WANTED for 680X… replacement slugs to fit the antenna coil Band 1 on the 680X receiver. . The one in that position stuck and cracked and yet to be removed.
        Quantity of 2 would be desirable. The usual remuneration needs will be addressed , Thanks Pete VK3IZ QTH R