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Rare EC10 “Seaguide” manual added to Service Manual section

April 28, 2021 By: chris Category: News

The EC10 “Seaguide” variant has been the subject of much discussion in the Eddystone User Group over the years. It was a variant of the EC10 series of receivers but badged for Marconi Marine. Graeme doesn’t mention it in the “Quick Reference Guide” so we don’t know how many were made. There are a few sets, whose existence is known about, in collections and certainly Ben has one in the Military Wireless Museum. Richard GM0OGN kindly provided us with a copy of the Instruction Manual for this set and we have added it to the Service Manual list on this website. The set has a DF facility which can be used with either a rotating loop or Bellini-Tosi fixed loop and Goniometer type antenna system. The set covers the frequency range 150kHz to 22MHz in five bands.