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Eddystone S640 Looking for a good home FOC.

September 25, 2022 By: chris Category: For Sale

Martin Evans in Alton, Hampshire has an S640 receiver which he bought as a teenager in about 1970 and used through his school and university years.  It hasn’t been powered on since cf. 1980 and has collected dust in his loft space until now.  He recently moved house and decided that he was unlikely to have the skills or motivation to restore the set.  Martin is looking to donate it to someone who will give it the care and appreciation that it deserves. As you can see from the pictures the set needs a good clean up but Martin says it was working when last used, and the mechanics of the stringing mechanism seems OK. There is some rust on the case and internal frame. 

Given the weight of the set it would need to be collected or a courier organised by whoever collects it.

If you are interested in this generous offer then please contact Martin via email