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My “Much Modified EC10 Mk 1” a short video by Gerry O’Hara VE7GUH

May 26, 2024 By: chris Category: News

Gerry O’Hara VE7GUH, an EUG Trustee and prolific contributor of Eddystone Restoration projects and advice, recently took his ‘much-modified EC10 MKI off the shelf and switched it on to find all it would do was hiss at him!), It was the first time Gerry had checked the set out since he wrote about the restoration for the EUG website (this one).


Gerry has posted a video of this to YouTube (here) so with Gerry’s permission I am posting it here on the EUG website, The set is now (mostly) working again, and back on Gerry’s shelf.


Chris G0EYO EUG Admin