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EC958/3 performs very well in ARRL measurement tests

November 19, 2015 By: chris Category: News

Interesting story from John KA5QEP on the EUG forum this week.

Apparently several times a year the ARRL, who are the national amateur group in the US, runs a frequency measuring test.  Signals are broadcast on three ham bands and hams are invited to measure the exact frequency and send them in.  After the contest, the results are given.  This time the emphasis was on vintage receivers, so John used his Eddystone EC958/3. He only used the frequencies as read from the dials after calibrating the BFO and fine tuning controls to give a zero beat at the nearest 10 KHz calibration point, and then zero beat the signal.  He didn’t use counters or signal generators.


Here are his results:

80 Meters:  3598.1KHz, accurate frequency was 3598.13122.  I was off by -31 Hz.

160 Meters:  1842.05KHz, accurate frequency was 1841.98851.  I was off by 61 Hz

40 Meters:  No signal was heard.

These results were at least as good or better as those from a BC-211 vintage frequency meter another ham used.  John says he spent a lot of time fixing up and aligning the EC958/3 and it performed very well.  “It’s an excellent piece of equipment” (John Reed, KA5QEP)