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Eddystone EA12 for sale

February 03, 2020 By: chris Category: For Sale

Richard G3OTK in Southampton has an EA12 for sale, which he bought in 1973 for use with the OSCAR 6 and 7 downlink and later with a 2m converter.  He has not used it for many years but he has switched it on and all controls work as expected, with band noise (using a short indoor antenna) peaking on all bands using the “Peak RF” control.  He thinks there may be some slight distortion on the audio.  The receiver is in good cosmetic condition but the plastic cover on the S-meter is cracked . Richard is asking £200.  It comes with the user manual and mains cable, although the connector on the receiver end of the cable may not be the one originally supplied with the receiver when new. Richard is offering it for sale as buyer collects.  He lives near Southampton but often visit the central Somerset area and could arrange to meet somewhere between these two locations. If you are interested contact Richard via e mail 



















Eddystone EA12 for Sale in Suffolk

November 25, 2019 By: chris Category: For Sale







David Skeate G0SKE from Bungay, in Suffolk ( NR351NP) has an Eddystone EA12 Receiver for sale which he has owned for 20 years and says works very well. It is in very good and original condition and David is prepared to deliver within Suffolk otherwise it is collect only. David is selling the radio for £300. If interested contact David on  davidskeate@waitrose.com.





Eddystone 840C for Sale

November 15, 2019 By: chris Category: For Sale







Rod Palmer in Bridgend, South Wales, has an Eddystone 840C (AC/DC) receiver for sale. This was family owned from new and operated by one of the World’s last deep sea salvage divers as his window on the World during long spells at sea. The receiver is complete with power connector plug (no lead) and although not tested recently it was working when returned from a final spell at sea.

There is some superficial rust staining to the rear vent panels and other minor rust specks/areas to other parts of the cabinet (see pics). Detailed close-ups of all areas of the cabinet can be provided to any interested parties. Although the rear panel screws move freely, we’re unwilling to try to remove the rear panel due to interference from minor rusting so cannot comment on, or photograph, the interior. It is normally stored in what appears to be the original cardboard shipping case within a stout, custom-made canvas tote with rope handles. Price: £195. If you are interested contact Rod on









Eddystone 1830/1 & EC10 for sale in U.S.

September 09, 2019 By: chris Category: For Sale

Jim K4AXF has an Eddystone 1830/1 in good cosmetic and working condition available for sale to a stateside Eddystone enthusiast. He is asking $1000 plus something toward shipping. Jim is located in Virginia and will supply pics upon request.

Jim also has an EC-10 in fair-good cosmetic condition. Worked until recently. Asking $100 plus shipping. Again, pics upon request.

Contact Jim on jstoneback@yahoo.com

UPDATE 1830/1 has been sold as of 26/9/19




Eddystone Receivers for Sales 1002/1 / 1990R / 1061B/2 (Panoramic)

August 30, 2019 By: chris Category: For Sale

EUG founder member Dave Simmons in Malvern, Worcs., has the following receivers for sale

Eddystone 1002/1 Serial No. 0693. In A1 cosmetic condition and working. Dave has had this receiver for the past 25 years having originally acquired it from an MOD sale. It has only occasionally seen activity to keep it ‘Healthy’.  Offers in the region of £150 

Also an Eddystone 1990R/3S. Serial No. 243 this  receiver is fitted with a Digital Synchroniser and as these are very rare. Please note Dave will not sell the Synchroniser separately! Price  £450.  This receiver comes together with an Eddystone 1061B / 2 Panoramic Adaptor Serial No. 0031. at £400 or £300 if purchased together with the 1990R Receiver  PLEASE NOTE THE 1990R/3S AND 1061B/2 HAVE NOW BEEN SOLD

All items come with Service Manuals and will have to be collected from the Malvern, Worcestershire area by arrangement. 

If you are interested please contact   davidvs@hotmail.co.uk  by email in the first instant.






Eddystone EC958 receiver for sale in Croatia

January 29, 2019 By: chris Category: For Sale

Zeljko 9A4NA in Split, Croatia has an Eddystone EC958 for sale. Zeljko says the radio works when turned on but it goes deaf after some time. He has a is youtube link which shows the radio working:


If you are interested,  contact Zeljko on via email via  curkovic1970@gmail.com






Eddystone 840C for sale

September 08, 2018 By: chris Category: For Sale

Mike G8NXD from West Cornwall has an 840C from a house clearance for sale. It appears complete except for one banana plug. Dusty and probably needing TLC. Internally very clean. Photo’s available if requested, from pencoys@gmail.com Collect from West Cornwall or will post at cost. Mike is asking £70, Contact Mike G8NXD tel:07761667748 or by e mail.






Eddystone Speaker for sale believed to be Type 935

August 01, 2018 By: chris Category: For Sale

Paul G3CVN has an Eddystone speaker for sale, it is a round one which he thinks is a 935. It is in excellent condition and can be purchased for £75. If you are interested contact Paul on  paulg3vcn@blueyonder.co.uk




Eddystone 680X for sale

January 17, 2018 By: chris Category: For Sale

Roger G4PUM in Nantwich, Cheshire has a Eddystone 680x which he has re-furbished with new valves where necessary.  Roger has a valve tester and selected good valves, and will include a spare set with the 680.  The set is working and he has incorporated a Euro-socket to replace the two pin original mains connection which is not safe, and the earthing has been improved through the mains connection and checked with a PAT tester. Otherwise it is original excellent condition, with original components as far as possible. A reflector has been added internally at the top of the dial to improve the illumination by reflecting the light down better.

This is a heavy radio and not really suitable for shipping. Roger is asking £250 or close offers for the radio.  Any inspection welcome.  There is a matching Eddystone round speaker available for £50.

Roger can furnish further detailed photographs and answer any questions at roger@g4pum.net  






Eddystone 958/7E Receiver for sale.

August 06, 2017 By: chris Category: For Sale

Cliff Paterson in British Colombia Canada has an Eddystone 958/7E Rx for sale. Serial No. 2827  He says it has excellent chassis condition and in working order except for mains fuse holder which was crushed when someone (not him) set the Receiver on it’s end. Can be repaired by him or buyer. Cliff is open to serious offers and can forward any custom pictures you require (boards etc). Serious inquiries only please, no low ballers please. Contact – Cliff on applebox@telus.net