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Modified Eddystone 1650/6 For Sale

January 21, 2022 By: chris Category: For Sale

Here we have a modified 1650/6 receiver  being sold by Alan Bamford of Kiwi Trading of Hartlepool. Kiwi are a house clearance specialist and this set comes from the estate of a ham who is sadly silent key. Those of you who are familiar with the 1650/6 will be aware of its history. Originally sold to GCHQ in 1988  it was designed to be computer controlled so did not have manual tuning. However, when they came on the surplus market in the 2000s, a clever engineer called Geoff Steadman came up with a major modification which could restore its manual tuning characteristics. It is not known how many sets were modified but there are a few about. This set has the manual tuning modification, hence the front panel tuning knob. The set powers up but it is offered with no guarantee or warranty. Alan of Kiwi Trading is looking for offer of £500 ono.  And he will pack and ship at cost or it can be collected from Hartlepool. If you are interested Alan can be contacted by email at kiwitrading@talktalk.net Alan is also preparing a list of other equipment from this estate and he will gladly send on to anyone interested, note however that this is the only Eddystone set.












EC10 Mk1 in Need of Restoration For Sale

September 05, 2021 By: chris Category: For Sale

Paul Eden M3CBC, in Worcestershire is selling an EC10 Mark 1 with mains power supply, which is in need of some restoration. Seems to power up in as much as popping sounds can be heard from the speaker, but no signals received. Paul is looking for offers over £40 so if you are interested contact him via e mail. paul.m3cbc@gmail.com. He is willing to pack and ship at cost.




















Dismantled 770R in Alabama, USA, FOC to good home

March 29, 2021 By: chris Category: For Sale

Rod WA4MAO in Alabama, USA,  has a 770R which he acquired some years ago in an auction and took apart to clean it up. It is available Free of Charge to anyone who can give it a good home. Rod had a car accident which meant he could not complete the rebuild so it was put in store for some years. The set worked OK when purchased but is now in bits. If you are looking for a project and would be interested in this set then contact Rod who is located in north central Alabama. The set can be picked up or Rod will ship for costs. Rod can be contacted on  rodsdyno@gmail.com





Eddystone Plug-in Coils and IF converter For Sale

March 24, 2021 By: chris Category: For Sale

The Eddystone go-to spares guy, Ian Nutt, M0ECQ, is selling some old parts which might appeal to restorers of vintage Eddystones. They are not guaranteed and the All Wave Choke part No982 (13-2000 metres) is slightly damaged internally but could probably be restored. 

The 500-100Kc/s converter is apparently unused and comes in its original box. Ian would like them all to go to good homes!

Interested parties should email Ian directly on iandcnutt@msn.com
















Eddystone EC958/12 Receiver for sale

December 04, 2020 By: chris Category: For Sale

Federico IZ1FID in Italy has a rare EC-958/12 receiver complete with Manual with schematics he would like to sell. See : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZupB0Q4ns2g (note sound track is in Italian). If you would like to know more then contact Federico via email : federico.baldi@dottorbaldi.it 





Free battery labels for EC10/EB series

November 09, 2020 By: chris Category: For Sale

Joe K9LY in Chicago has several home-made adhesive labels for the battery tray of the Eddystone EC10 and EB series receivers. He will send 2 pieces in return for:

  • those inside the U.S.: a self-addressed stamped envelope (at least 6 inches long) with first-class U.S. postage (55 cents / “Forever” stamp)
  • those outside the U.S.: Email me and we will work something out. How about a picture postcard via post of the city or region where you live? :-) 

Email Joe for postal address.   K9LY [at] arrl [dot] net









Eddystone Slide Rule Gears for Sale

October 10, 2020 By: chris Category: For Sale

Pete Williams VK3IZ in Australia is offering slide rule  gears  for  Eddystone  and  similar  receivers. He persuaded  a  friend to  produce  a  few  pairs of  slide rule  tuning  gears  for the    Eddystone 750  and /or  similar  receivers. They  are aluminium  faithfully  copied  from the  original.  The attaching pin  for    the  cord  or  wire is of  brass so it  can  be  soldered

Price will be   Aus $35   a pair  plus air post  cost.—Paypal  OK. Contact Pete via e mail     jupete@internode.on.net 






For Sale incomplete 770R Mk1 for spares / restoration

September 04, 2020 By: chris Category: For Sale

Tony G0MQG in Norwich, Norfolk is selling an Eddystone 770R mk 1 that he bought for spare parts. It is minus the band 2 coil pack and valves and is being offered for spares/restoration.  Tony is looking for offers. Due to size and weight it will be collection only.  If you are interested his email address is tony122@ntlworld.com and he is on QRZ.COM                             

Eddystone Edometer for sale

September 02, 2020 By: chris Category: For Sale


Steve Halkyarf in Carlisle has an Edometer owned by long time EUGer Mr Ron Drew G8URU who was his father in law. It is complete and with its carrying box and looks in good condition. It comes complete with instruction manual and other documentation. Steve believes it works and is looking for offers. If you are interested contact Steve via e mail: <smhalkyard@btinternet.com> 







EC10 receiver and battery box for sale with original box

August 28, 2020 By: chris Category: For Sale












Jack in Bristol is selling father’s EC10 Mk1 which comes complete with battery box and the original packing carton. Jack says that the receiver is working and can provide a short video of it operational.

Jack can pack for courier dispatch but wants the purchaser to arrange and pay for the courier.  Jack is looking for offers on this radio but would like it to go to a collector. Jack can be contacted on Jack Macmillan baldheadedpriest@gmail.com