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Eddystone 680X for sale

January 17, 2018 By: chris Category: For Sale

Roger G4PUM in Nantwich, Cheshire has a Eddystone 680x which he has re-furbished with new valves where necessary.  Roger has a valve tester and selected good valves, and will include a spare set with the 680.  The set is working and he has incorporated a Euro-socket to replace the two pin original mains connection which is not safe, and the earthing has been improved through the mains connection and checked with a PAT tester. Otherwise it is original excellent condition, with original components as far as possible. A reflector has been added internally at the top of the dial to improve the illumination by reflecting the light down better.

This is a heavy radio and not really suitable for shipping. Roger is asking £250 or close offers for the radio.  Any inspection welcome.  There is a matching Eddystone round speaker available for £50.

Roger can furnish further detailed photographs and answer any questions at roger@g4pum.net  






Eddystone 958/7E Receiver for sale.

August 06, 2017 By: chris Category: For Sale

Cliff Paterson in British Colombia Canada has an Eddystone 958/7E Rx for sale. Serial No. 2827  He says it has excellent chassis condition and in working order except for mains fuse holder which was crushed when someone (not him) set the Receiver on it’s end. Can be repaired by him or buyer. Cliff is open to serious offers and can forward any custom pictures you require (boards etc). Serious inquiries only please, no low ballers please. Contact – Cliff on applebox@telus.net




Eddystone 740 for sale

April 27, 2017 By: chris Category: For Sale

Andrew Tyers in Cornwall has an  Eddystone 740 for sale. He states it  works well and is a  good  clean example. Mains  240V but needs a loudspeaker. Andrew wants £150.00. Andrew can supply more photos, contact him on tyeandfran@sky.com.













Eddystone Parts for Sale

September 19, 2016 By: chris Category: For Sale

David GM8WNY has a number of Eddystone Parts for sale:  they include 898 dial still in shipping frame new and unused; 598 dials; most 6 pin coils for AW2; 6 pin coil holders; 10 step condensers as used in AW2; Eddystone condensors and other Eddystone items. Email David GM8WNY – ZL3DWS for list and details  gm8wny@gmail.com or http://davidgm8wny.strikingly.com/




Eddystone 830 for sale

June 14, 2016 By: chris Category: For Sale

steves 830 compressSteve Leach has an Eddystone 830 receiver for sale. £220. For more information please contact Steve on steven.2.leach@bt.com or 01473 788438. Steve can post at buyers costs.








Eddystone EC958 for sale

June 13, 2016 By: chris Category: For Sale

Dick King M5DIK has a rack mounted EC958 for sale. It was in excellent conditions both visually, mechanically and electrically until a few weeks ago. It was in almost daily use for the last 10 years. Unfortunately whilst transmitting stray RF appeared to have got into the works – there was an almighty bang and a lot of smoke! It is way beyond his diagnostic and repair capabilities so he would rather it go to somebody that appreciates it and could get it working again.

It may be something relatively simple to repair (unlikely – when does life work that way!) So price will be based on an honest appraisal by the buyer as to its true value. Dick is sure he will be able to come to a mutual agreement with a prospective buyer.

Some sketchy details – it does power up, frequency readout works, internal loud speaker works, both IF and RF gain controls have an affect although no received signal noted.  Dick will be happy to discuss on the phone 01923 461446 or via e mail at richardvking@ntlworld.com . Location is Watford, willing to deliver a reasonable distance.






Eddystone EA12 For Sale

May 20, 2016 By: chris Category: For Sale

William GM8GTW who now lives in the Shetland Isles has an EA12 for sale. The set is in good cosmetic and working condition and comes with the front raise up plinth and original mains connector. A few years ago the s meter cover was replaced and a new drive cord fitted. William is looking for  £300 plus carriage costs. For transportation it fits into a strong plywood box with polystyrene packing. If you are interested please contact William direct on williamstuart17@hotmail.com



Eddystone 750 Receiver for sale

April 20, 2016 By: chris Category: For Sale

Edddystone 750 Ken G3LVP is selling on behalf of the family of an amateur, who is now sadly SK, an Eddystone 750 receiver. It looks to be in reasonable condition and when powered up the dial lights illuminated but because there is no speaker attached Ken cant say how well it works. Ken is looking for a sensible offer and the set can be collected from Ipswich or Southend by arrangement. If you are interested in this set contact Ken on his mobile 0793 0832 168.


Eddystone 750 rear pan.