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Ted Moore SK 1933-2011

August 08, 2011 By: barclayjamesadmin Category: News

Ted Moore, the founder of the Eddystone User Group who died in August 2011 aged 78, was one of those somewhat eccentric and mercurial British characters, in whose life the boundary between fact and his imagination was not always clear.

He was a capable radio technician, having spent many years in the industry both in England and abroad. During that time he developed a special appreciation and knowledge of Eddystone receivers as they were extensively used by the official government services. He was employed in servicing them.

In 1990, Ted approached Chris Pettitt, G0EYO, then MD of Eddystone Radio, requesting permission to use copies of schematics from older sets in a newsletter he wanted to develop specifically for Eddystone enthusiasts. Chris, having a keen sense of industrial history himself, readily agreed and so the EUG was formed with Ted writing, printing and distributing the EUG newsletter with his wife Kathy

A few years after founding the EUG, however, Ted found his private affairs in some difficulty and he was unable to continue to issue the newsletter. Chris, recognising the value of a supporting group of users, took the decision to assist the Group by publishing the newsletter and administering the Group under the aegis of the Eddystone company. A little while later, a chance visit to the factory by Group member Graeme Wormald resulted in his being invited to edit the newsletter (later called ‘Lighthouse”) with factory support and co-operation. This arrangement lasted for a few more years, with Ted Moore continuing to write his column in every issue. In 1995 the Eddystone Factory moved to Selly Oak and Chris in addition to his Eddystone duties also became General Manager of the Marconi Broadcast Division in Chelmsford. So it was that, in 1996, that Graeme undertook to run the whole group including editing, printing and distributing the newsletter.

When Ted eventually had more time and flexibility, he immediately re-entered EUG actively with enthusiasm and was constantly on the move, visiting members, buying and selling Eddystone equipment, or helping others to do so, and of course participating the EUG net from various locations around the UK. He became a regular character at the EUG stand at the National Vintage Communications Fairs and other rallies, enjoying the opportunity at last in his retirement to meet EUG members.

He contended with some health problems in his later years, but these hardly seemed to inhibit his travels, or his willingness to carry transmitting equipment uphill to high places for the Sunday nets in which he took part. From his home in Wisbech he continued to travel far and wide almost to the end. He was never happy about the change of EUG from being a membership body after Graeme Wormald’s retirement, but his own activities continued unabated.