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Rare Eddystone S910/1 receiver sold on E bay

July 08, 2021 By: chris Category: News

There was a little excitement on the EUG groups.io forum this week when a member spotted a rare Eddystone S910/1 marine receiver badged as a Marconi HR101. It eventually sold for the amazing sum of £487 which shows both its rarity and the fact that it was hard fought over.  Graeme’s G3GGL QRG entry states that “this set is a double superhet with interpolation tuning of first IF stage. Very similar in operation to the 830- series but in general appearance much like the 730-series. Contains 16 valves, 6 bands; coverage 1.5-30Mc/s and 375-525kc/s. First IF 1350-1450kc/s; second IF 85 kc/s. Production run 200. Very rare” Graeme didn’t have access to a picture of the set for the QRG but the seller was kind enough to provide one in his sale offer. The seller Ray G4NSJ from Worthing stated that “the receiver works but is a little deaf. Also, SSB reception isn’t quite right so that will need looking at. It probably needs a good overhaul, alignment, replacing capacitors etc.” The set looks in nice cosmetic condition considering it is 60 years old. Bet someone on this forum knows where it has ended up. 

Chris G0EYO Admin