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Rare Eddystone 909A receiver arrives at Military Wireless Museum

September 09, 2017 By: chris Category: News

Ben G4BXD proprietor of the wonderful Military Wireless Museum in Kidderminster has recently taken ownership of a rare Eddystone S909A receiver. According to the QRG (Quick Reference Guide) to Post War Sets (downloadable from this site) the S909A was a variant of the S909 but with optional external HT/LT source connectors which is probably why it doesn’t have an ON/OFF switch. Some 225 of these were made from 1959-1963. The EDDYSTONE Type S.909, 1958, marine communication receiver, designed for the Swedish Merchant Marine. Two band (1.6-4.7Mc/s) plus fixed switched crystal controlled channel on maritime distress frequency of 2182kc/s. AC/DC 110-250v. AM and MCW only. Single conversion superhet with switchable crystal gate (IF-465kc/s, bandwidth 10kc/s or 5kc/s at 20dB down). 7valves plus metal rectifier. 1 RF; 2 IF. Built-in speaker. Production run of S909 was 100.