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Eddystone 830 Receiver – TUNING and INCREMENTAL knobs wanted

September 03, 2020 By: chris Category: Wanted


Tony in Melbourne Australia has recently purchased a very nice Eddystone 830 receiver which originally came from a Government auction 10 years ago. Oddly, it has two knobs that just do not look original –Tony has no idea how they ended up on the set. See photo of the non-original knobs circled in red. He is looking to buy the correct knobs if anyone has them for sale. A quick look would suggest that these knobs were not only used on the 830’s but other models as well, so perhaps there might be a few floating around that someone is willing to part with.

The two knobs are the ‘TUNING’ and the ‘INCREMENTAL’ knobs. Black with satin metal insert as shown on the second photo. Tony is located in Melbourne Australia. Contact him via email  tony@tzed.com.au if you can help him.