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Donation of Spare parts

April 08, 2024 By: chris Category: News

Sian and Roger Digby contacted me about some radio parts that belonged to Roger’s grandfather who passed away some 60 years ago and who was a keen radio enthusiast and had been the owner of an Eddystone Receiver which Roger remembers his grandfather using to listen to overseas shortwave broadcasts when he was a boy. Roger kept the set (he can’t recall the model number) for some 40 years after his grandfather’s death and finally passed it on to another radio enthusiast who had helped his son with a motorbike problem. Roger’s wife Sian had found a box of radio parts belonging to the grandfather when sorting through some cupboards in their garage. They passed them on to me in the hope that they might find a new home with someone in the Eddystone User Group. Here is a list:

  1. MullardValve 6J7G boxed looks new
  2. Ken-Rad Valve 6R7G used
  3. Marconi Valve DL63 used (rattles!)
  4. Pix Invisible aerial in box (30ft) (picture frame aerial?)
  5. Old 3 3 round pin mains plug (crabtree)
  6. Graham Farish Aerial Unit (variable resistor or cap?)
  7. Belling and Lee Anti interference unit (transformer?)
  8. 6BA6 miniature valve used
  9. Belling and Lee Aerial block (wall mounted?)
  10. Plus couple of unidentifiable bits.

If you see anything of interest then contact Chris G0EYO EUG Admin on g0eyo@blueyonder.co.uk.