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Wanted Case for Eddystone730/1A

November 20, 2019 By: chris Category: Wanted

Mario Volpini, an Italian  collector of military radio surplus is looking for a outer case for an Eddystone 730/1A. Mario lives in Pisa and can be contacted by email v.maryone@libero.it




S659/670 handle screws wanted

November 04, 2019 By: chris Category: Wanted

Nick Van Vonno in Melbourne, Florida finally located a S.659/670 to replace the one he let get away a long time ago. It was shipped from UK and arrived in pretty good shape, but one of the handles was broken off.  This involved breakage of both screws, which Nick considers was  a carefully thought out way of limiting the damage to the front panel. The handle on Nick’s set is not damaged, however he can’t locate the two brass replacement screws so is appealing for help from the Eddystone User Group to find him some. If you can help Nick contact him on nvv@cfl.rr.com 



Wanted Eddystone EC-958

September 23, 2019 By: chris Category: Wanted

Peter M1BCV in East Sussex is looking for an  Eddystone EC-958 receiver. He doesn’t specify a version but would prefer a fully working one in a reasonable condition. He might consider one with a fault as long as it is complete and the fault is not too serious a problem to fix. If you can help Peter please contact him on 





Eddystone 880/1 wanted

September 05, 2019 By: chris Category: Wanted

Steve M6WAA in Cheshire is looking to acquire an Eddystone 880/1 receiver. If you can help Steve contact him on  chunky9@btinternet.com







Mains Transformer wanted for S890 receiver

August 31, 2019 By: chris Category: Wanted

Andrew 2E0NDZ is looking for a replacement mains transformer for an Eddystone S890 VHF Radio Microphone receiver which he has recently purchased. If you can help Andrew contact him on email andrewhumphriss@tinyworld.co.uk




Power supply choke for Eddystone 750 wanted

August 30, 2019 By: chris Category: Wanted

Pete VK3IZ is looking for a replacement power supply choke for his Eddystone 750 receiver. If you can help Pete then please contact him on jupete@internode.on.net




Wanted some 774 feet for an Eddystone 888

July 19, 2019 By: chris Category: Wanted

Dave VE3ZZY in Putnam, Ontario,  is looking for some 774 feet to go with an 888 receiver, 688 speaker and S meter . Dave would prefer black but would take grey. If you can help Dave contact him direct on wcampbell@odyssey.on.ca




Wanted for 680X Replacement slugs to fit antenna coil Band 1

May 07, 2019 By: chris Category: Wanted

WANTED for 680X… replacement slugs to fit the antenna coil Band 1 on the 680X receiver. . The one in that position stuck and cracked and yet to be removed. Quantity of 2 would be desirable. The usual remuneration needs will be addressed , Thanks Pete VK3IZ QTH R or e  mail Pete Williams <jupete@internode.on.net>



Coils for Eddystone All Wave 2 wanted

May 04, 2019 By: chris Category: News, Wanted














Chris G4UDG has built an AW-2 working replica. He only has one coil (white spot) and is wishing to extend the range by purchasing other coils.  He does have spare former so he could wind one if need be but would rather purchase them made up. If you can help Chris contact him on christopher@chrisfawkes.plus.com






Eddystone EC958 wanted

April 29, 2019 By: chris Category: Wanted

Federico IZ1FID is looking for an EDDYSTONE EC-958 possibly working, but could also be faulty provided it is complete and in good aesthetic condition. He would prefer to buy it in the European Union (obviously UK included) to avoid customs fees. If you can help Federico contact him on  federico_baldi@alice.it