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Beware of being scammed when selling or buying Eddystone sets and parts

May 31, 2020 By: chris Category: News

In our For Sale and Wanted section we warn users to be aware of the danger of being scammed when buying or selling Eddystone equipment. It has been many years since we heard of anyone being scammed but it looks as if someone has recently suffered such an event. A genuine user requested, through the Wanted section, for Eddystone 750 parts and was offered a complete 750 for US$150 from the USA. The payment included shipping to Australia and payment was made via Paypal to someone of a different name to the seller (warning bells?). The seller sent a copy of the waybill which the purchaser now believes to be a fake. The seller is not answering e mails and the purchaser is trying to reclaim a refund from Paypal.  These are semi-sophisticated scams and given that any sale or purchase is done on trust they are easy to fall prey to. When purchasing from unknown or non-verifiable parties (callsigns are verifiable) always ask to see proof of the existence of the materials (lots of photos so not just “library” shots). Ask questions which only an owner is likely to know and of course deal through someone like Paypal where you can register a complaint, (not Western Union) and only to the account of the seller. If you have doubts ask on the Groups.io forum if anyone has dealt with that seller/purchaser before. As the innocent party says  “Caveat Emptor”.