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Bet you would like these under your pillow!

September 19, 2016 By: chris Category: News

We are grateful to Dave for sending us pictures of his pair of Eddystone pillow loudspeakers made by Eddystone in the 1950’s. Graeme G3GGL (SK) described them in the QRG as follows; “A flat , smooth, bakelite grille, approx. 4” dia. by 1” thick. “When slipped under a pillow, speech and music can be heard clearly by a resting person but will not be audible to other occupants of the room.” circa.1950. Original price £3 14s 3d including matching transformer, flex and plug.  Advertised on the back of the instruction manual for the Model 670. Extremely rare. “.

Dave says that  they were made for Eddystone by ACOS who made crystal gramophone pick-ups & microphones in the 50’s & 60’s. They are high impedance so he  thinks  they are also crystal. The small brown Bakelite box is the transformer of which he only has one.  Primary has 3 taps to match radio’s speaker impedance, the secondary only one winding for pillow speaker. They have PILLOTONE on the front as in the Brochure etc.  All the wiring is rubber insulated. They were sold as Eddystone Accessory Model 1419.