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New format for EUG Website

May 01, 2015 By: barclayjamesadmin Category: News

This is the new format for the EUG website using the ever popular WordPress software. This should make it easier to up date and add news items when required. The original website was written in 2006 using Microsoft FrontPage2000 and when that was no longer supported we went to Microsoft Expression Web as a straight transfer. In recent months the site has begun to show its age, with different browsers displaying different fonts and it need a good update. Although the content remains the same as the old website we have grouped items together and these can be accessed either from the banner titles above or on the left hand side. We have also listed the for sale and wanted items on the right hand side of the page to make it easier for people to see new listings. There are bound to be teething problems with the new site so if you see links which dont work then please let Chris know on g0eyo@blueyonder.co.uk.

Welcome to the Eddystone User Group Website

April 09, 2015 By: barclayjamesadmin Category: News

This is the official Eddystone User Group Website which is dedicated to the radio products manufactured by Eddystone Radio Limited, (formerly Stratton and Laughton) from the early days of radio in the 1920s until the factories closure in 2002. It contains a wealth of information about the company, its products and their service manuals together with articles and newsletter contributed by others on restoration, repairs, and servicing of Eddystone sets. This information is freely available to download, all we ask is that it is not used for commercial purposes. The left hand side-bar will take you to the more popular pages and the right hand side bar lists radios and parts for sale or wanted by EUGers. The top bar has drop down menus which will direct you to all the information the site contains.  Enjoy.

Graeme Wormald G3GGL SK

March 18, 2015 By: barclayjamesadmin Category: News

Graeme Wormald, G3GGL and former administrator and editor of the Eddystone User Group and its newsletter, passed away after a long illness on the 3rd January 2015. He leaves his wife, Eda, and their five children, Jane, Julie, Andrew, Kate and David, G3JQE (his grandfather’s callsign). His funeral service was held on 23rd January at St Anne’s Church and was attended by his family and very many friends and work colleagues and various local civic and political dignitaries reflecting his many years of public service to the town and its societies. More


James De La Mare SK 1939 – 2014

August 29, 2014 By: barclayjamesadmin Category: News

It is with sorrow that I have to announce the death of one the founding trustees of the Eddystone User Group, James De La Mare who passed away on 3rd May 2014 at the age of 75. James (who was related to the poet Walter De la Mare), had homes in Minchinhampton, Glos and London, was a great collector and hoarder of cars, radio and electrical items. Although not a licensed radio amateur, James was a frequent attendee at radio and motor rallies. He was a former secretary to the Brooklands Society and Families need Fathers and was also involved in his old school Lancing College where he was part of the veterans shooting team events held at Bisley. It was my belief that James probably never had a proper job but was of independent means and used his talents and connections by serving on various committees and organisations. A fascinating character and something of a man of mystery who will be sadly missed by his friends.

Need a replacement meter for your 669S meter?

August 16, 2013 By: barclayjamesadmin Category: News

Ian Nutt has recently had a small number of meters for the 669 meter unit manufactured and which are available for sale. These are suitable for installation in the alloy casting of the 669, but there will be a need to make up a new paxolin panel to support the resistors,  pot etc as the terminal separation on the new meter is different from the original. However this is not a hard job and any reasonably proficient person should be able to manage it quite easily. Anyone interested in finding out more about these meters should contact Ian on iandcnutt@msn.com.


Memento of RSGB’s 75th anniversary celebration 1988

April 03, 2012 By: barclayjamesadmin Category: News

In 1988, Eddystone Radio were approached by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) to participate in their 75th Anniversary Celebrations at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. We came up with the idea of showing a couple of sets from each decade from 20s-30s-40s-50s-60s-70s-80s using a six sided display. Each display had pictures and information on sets from that decade and on a table in front of the display we put a couple of sets from that decade. Unfortunately we didn’t get any good pics of the display nor the display that the RSGB put on using exhibits from their Potters Bar museum. We provided a printed list of all the sets displayed at the event including those belonging to the RSGB and from other ham’s collections. This catalogue can be found here


New Eddystone price guide

April 02, 2012 By: barclayjamesadmin Category: News

David Dickinson has produced a guide to E bay prices for Eddystone sets between 2009 and 2012 this replaces the one I did some 7 or more years ago. It will be updated once or twice per annum You can find the guide here

Ted Moore SK 1933-2011

August 08, 2011 By: barclayjamesadmin Category: News

Ted Moore, the founder of the Eddystone User Group who died in August 2011 aged 78, was one of those somewhat eccentric and mercurial British characters, in whose life the boundary between fact and his imagination was not always clear.

He was a capable radio technician, having spent many years in the industry both in England and abroad. During that time he developed a special appreciation and knowledge of Eddystone receivers as they were extensively used by the official government services. He was employed in servicing them.

In 1990, Ted approached Chris Pettitt, G0EYO, then MD of Eddystone Radio, requesting permission to use copies of schematics from older sets in a newsletter he wanted to develop specifically for Eddystone enthusiasts. Chris, having a keen sense of industrial history himself, readily agreed and so the EUG was formed with Ted writing, printing and distributing the EUG newsletter with his wife Kathy

A few years after founding the EUG, however, Ted found his private affairs in some difficulty and he was unable to continue to issue the newsletter. Chris, recognising the value of a supporting group of users, took the decision to assist the Group by publishing the newsletter and administering the Group under the aegis of the Eddystone company. A little while later, a chance visit to the factory by Group member Graeme Wormald resulted in his being invited to edit the newsletter (later called ‘Lighthouse”) with factory support and co-operation. This arrangement lasted for a few more years, with Ted Moore continuing to write his column in every issue. In 1995 the Eddystone Factory moved to Selly Oak and Chris in addition to his Eddystone duties also became General Manager of the Marconi Broadcast Division in Chelmsford. So it was that, in 1996, that Graeme undertook to run the whole group including editing, printing and distributing the newsletter.

When Ted eventually had more time and flexibility, he immediately re-entered EUG actively with enthusiasm and was constantly on the move, visiting members, buying and selling Eddystone equipment, or helping others to do so, and of course participating the EUG net from various locations around the UK. He became a regular character at the EUG stand at the National Vintage Communications Fairs and other rallies, enjoying the opportunity at last in his retirement to meet EUG members.

He contended with some health problems in his later years, but these hardly seemed to inhibit his travels, or his willingness to carry transmitting equipment uphill to high places for the Sunday nets in which he took part. From his home in Wisbech he continued to travel far and wide almost to the end. He was never happy about the change of EUG from being a membership body after Graeme Wormald’s retirement, but his own activities continued unabated.