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A Merry Christmas to all our readers

December 23, 2020 By: chris Category: News

On behalf of the Eddystone User Group Admin and moderators, I wish all our friends a Very Merry Christmas. Without doubt 2020 has been a year without precedent. Last Christmas no-one could have foreseen what was ahead of us. This coronavirus has affected everyone, from mild inconvenience to the loss of income or even, sadly, the loss of a loved one. Many of our followers are of an age that is probably considered vulnerable and have had to be shielded from the rest of the world. This may have meant more free time to work on those old sets, for the website and the forum have been busy with requests for help which to a large part we have been able to satisfy. The For Sale and Wanted section of the website has been popular and we have been able to help a number of families move on loved sets.  Although our costs are very modest I am glad to say that generous donations from friends and enthusiast have helped us meet them. We all hope that 2021 and vaccinations will get the better of this dreaded virus and life can get back to what will no doubt become a new normal.

We wish you all the best and a Happy New Year but above all please stay safe.

Chris G0EYO EUG Webmaster and Administrator