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A log of additions and changes to the website for really keen followers who like to keep themselves up-to-date

Date Change Section affected
25/6/2019 Eddystone 1830 Receiver 100kHz IF Filter Alignment by Mike VK4GV Restoration Projects
27/4/2019 Still from “The Crown” showing Eddystone set on board the Royal Yacht “Britannia” Eddystones in Famous Places
23/4/2019 Eddystone 1830 Service Manual Appendices “E”, “F” & “G”, Circuits and boards Service Manuals and Handbooks
13/4/2019 “Radio Dentistry” (working in small spaces) by Gerry O’Hara Restoration Projects
11/4/2019 Restoration of Eddystone S750 by Gary Albach  Restoration Projects
11/4/2019 BBC Film on Caversham Monitoring station showing Eddystone Receivers c 1985 Eddystones in Famous Places
6/4/2019 Renovation, Alignment, Test and Review of Eddystone 1830/1 by Mike VK4GV Restoration Projects
16/1/18 Repair of an Eddystone 1002/2 by Lou Blasco VK3ALB Restoration Projects
30/11/16 1:1 scan of S830/7 coil box courtesy of Graeme Wright Restoration Projects
30/11/16 Cleaned up circuit for 830/5 courtesy of Euan MacKenzie Service Manuals and Handbooks
1/7/16 Service Manual for EC958/3CAN Service Manuals and Handbooks
25/4/16 Circuit and parts list for 720 Yachtsman Service Manuals and Handbooks
18/2/16 Scan of a dial for 870A by John G8GMB Restoration Projects
16/1/16 Scan of a dial for 870A by Nico PA0NVD Restoration Projects
1/1/16 Restoring an Eddystone 888 by Wendy Mott G8BZY Restoration Projects
30/7/15 S6200 LF/HF Receiver Data Sheet (from Ring Comms) Data Sheets and Catalogues
30/7/15 S740 circuit diagram with test points (.jpg) Technical Information
27/7/15 Article on S6200 Receiver from SWM  July 2003 Technical Information
27/7/15 Article on EA12 Receiver from PW May 2003 Technical Information
26/7/15 Article on S750 Receiver from PW July 2003 Technical Information
26/7/15 Test and Inspection Schedule for EB35 1966 Service Manuals and Handbooks
18/11/14 Service Manual for 1838 receiver Service Manuals and Handbooks
24/11/13 Restoration of an Eddystone 840A by Daltro D’Arisbo Restoration Projects
11/11/13 Operating Manual for 6100 (big file!) Service Manuals and Handbooks
3/8/13 Conversion chart/table for Phillips TTL FJJ/FJH series to standard TTL courtesy of Alain Ainslie Technical Information
15/5/13 Data sheet for 770R Mk2, March 1964 via Dept of Comms Australia Data Sheets and Catalogues
5/5/13 New Price Guide to Eddystone Sets courtesy of David Dickinson For Sale and Wanted
2/4/13 Manual for 1685/1, /2, /3 RCU for 1680 Receiver Service Manuals and Handbooks