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  1. Andrew Humphriss says:

    Hello from Andrew
    I have purchased an Eddystone EC10 mK 1, I need the BFO Oscillator transformer as the stage is missing on my set.
    So looking for a possible set that has been written off?
    I have a Eddystone Marine receiver model 670, AC/DC input some one has removed the mains dropper, so I have the wires in need of connecting, does anyone own one of these sets to guide me where the wires should go.
    Andrew 2E0NDZ

  2. pete williams says:

    Is there any reason why a 455kHz xtal could not be used in the filter in the 680X receiver in lieu of the 450kHz specified.. I’ve
    Of course a realignment of IF and conversion oscillator would be required..
    Also is there a reference available for disassembling the front panel for cleaning/servicing of the gear mechanism.?

  3. pete williams says:

    Is there any reasons why a 455 kHz xtal could not be used in lieu of the specified 450kHz used in the 680X? what is the type of xtal used as I haven’t looked —E.G HC-6
    Realignment would be needed of IF and conversion oscillator
    Is there a disassembly reference available for servicing the front pane of a 680 X;

  4. Hello; from Terry VO1TMM Newfoundland, Canada.(a few miles from where MarconI received the first transatlantic wireless message).
    He has 3 Eddystone Rx. They were purchased separately and individually, at different time. All 3 appear complete, Except that 2 do not have outer cases.
    For some unknown reason on all 3 receivers the dial stringing has come off the pulleys etc. but is unbroken.
    Where can one find the ‘Dial Stringing Procedure’ for; 770R Mk11, 830/4, 840C. Am very impressed with your dedication to your maintenance of this Eddystone site; thank you.

    • Terry
      Have a look at the Restoration section Gerry O’Hara has written an article on Eddystone drives also worth looking in the service manuals for those sets you mention as there might be information in there.
      Chris G0EYO EUG Webmaster

  5. F. Curran says:

    Hi. I have a Eddystone radio(think it’s ship to shore). It was my brothers who was a chief engineer in merchant navy. He passed away in 1983 and I inherited it and it’s been in my loft untouched since then. Downsizing now and have to make room for the move. Ident numbers on reverse of radio are:-
    Cat No – S5653
    Serial No – F05653
    Do not want anything for it but would appreciate help with Post an Packing costs if you want it. Or I will deliver it to a local pick up point if helpful if not too far from Royton, Oldham.

    Thank you.

  6. Hello, I have been a radio operator in the Army and joined the Plymouth Radio Club where I had the pleasure of using Eddystone’s. Interested me no end, back to my great love sat in the back of an old 432 running around Germany, East and West, To cut everything short, I still like my Radios, but ended up by the powers that be where no wires,, no antenna’s, zilch nada outside my window, on the grounds, trees etc etc, they have sat on my table for about 4 1/2 years. Seeing as I hate selling anything, they are just taking up space, unused. It annoys , so hopefully if I get replies, I’ll get all the details of my sets. They are extremely heavy and unless someone is interested, there they will stay and I’ll let my daughter deal with it.