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  1. Jon McDowell says:

    I lost my EC Mk 2 in the Black Saturday bushfires back in 2009, I had been a SW Radio DX’er in my teenage years, so it had been a dream of mine to replace it.
    Managed to find one on ebay, bought it and of course when the seller said he didn’t have the ability to test it he meant it didn’t work!
    Got the manuals from your site (thankyou VERY much) and did the voltage checks. ANd mine are considerably different – but my basic electronics is just that, very basic.
    SO I was wondering what these voltages actually mean, or what do I do next?

    TR1 C 6.08 B 0.562 E 0.288
    TR2 C 6.11 B 1.038 E 0.993
    TR3 C 5.96 B 1.557 E 1.324
    TR4 C 1.976 B 6.07 E 0.322
    TR5 C 0.338 B 0.384 E 0.120
    TR6 C 5.55 B 0.857 E 0.615
    TR7 C 4.41 B 0.996 E 0.883
    TR8 C 9.17 B 1.683 E 1.558
    TR9 C 9.42 B 0.152 E 0.021
    TR10 C 9.42 B 0.152 E 0.021

    Voltage at yellow and red at AF Gain on/off 9.40

    Any ideas of where to go?

    • common problem with these sets is after so many years the OC170/171 transistors suffer from what people call whiskering where the ground lead on some of the transistors short out inside the device. Suggest you join the Eddystone User Group Yahoo Forum where you will find lots of people willing to help you sort this one out. Regards
      Chris G0EYO

  2. Ian Beech says:

    I am restoring a 840a which i picked up at the Telford radio rally which was made in the year i was born.
    I am after one of the right spool pulley (part d or e) in the manual, i am happy to pay and for postage if you can help or know of where i can i obtain one.
    Meny thanks in advance for any help.

    Kind Regards Ian Beech.

  3. Dan Robinson says:

    Hi Chris

    Here’s an item that may be of interest to readers. Hard to figure how this person thinks they can get this much, even for one of the rare Eddy models, but here it is:


  4. David Priestley says:

    Hello. I am selling my Eddystone 358. Full details are here.
    Would you be kind enough to pass this on to your members.
    PS. I am near Newark in the East Midlands

  5. Herman Willemsen says:

    Hello Chris,
    I am looking for a finger piece for my Eddystone bug.
    Could you put my RQ on the wanted list please?
    Herman Willemsen
    Kiama NSW Australia

  6. Hello Chris,

    I am looking for a dial plate for my 840A.
    Can you put my request in the Wanted list?

    Jos Raven PA0AMX