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Ex Merchant Navy RO looking for good Eddystone Receiver

December 30, 2016 By: chris Category: Wanted

Elliot Smith in Jedburgh on the Scottish Borders is looking to buy an Eddystone receiver. The radios he has been looking at – actually vary from the older Eddystone S740 type with the half moon dial to the slightly more modern Eddystone 830, 730 (A) and EA12 – as long as they are in good condition and reliable he will be happy. If you have something which might interest Elliot contact him directly on casabartuelo@googlemail.com





S640 Dial wanted

December 28, 2016 By: chris Category: Wanted

Phil Harris G4SPZ in Bewdley is restoring an Eddystone S.640 for a friend. He believes the electrical work will be OK, but the dial has deteriorated and is flaking badly. He asks if anyone has either a spare dial plate, or a scan or good quality image from which he could make a photographic replica? All reasonable expenses reimbursed, of course. If you can help Phil contact him on g4spz@aol.com or 07799 617388.





BFO knob for 830 wanted

December 03, 2016 By: chris Category: Wanted

Andrew Cheetham in Fleet Hampshire is looking for a replacement BFO Pitch knob for his recently acquired Eddystone 830/9. Please email him at Andrew.cheetham@ntlworld.com.

Drive Cord and Dial for 888A wanted

November 11, 2016 By: chris Category: Wanted

Gordon GM3UCI is looking for a direct replacement dial drive cord, and a complete unmarked dial for an Eddystone  888A. Contact Gordon on gm3_uci@yahoo.co.uk




Clean Eddystone S870A wanted

November 09, 2016 By: chris Category: Wanted


Don Forbes in the USA is looking for a good, clean S870A. He is prepared to restore it, but he would like to avoid repainting the exterior if he can. Don is prepared to pay shipping costs to US. If you can help  him call on 206-388-8787 or e mail jbritt.dforbes@me.com





Eddystone Speaker Wanted

October 26, 2016 By: chris Category: Wanted

Eddystone Speaker Wanted – Model S-688 or S-652 (Round Speaker Housing 7? or  5? ), Genuine sellers, please quote an asking price; Contact Nigel G4OFO (QTHR) at  baynesnwe@yahoo.co.uk




Varactor Diode 100SC2 wanted

October 18, 2016 By: chris Category: Wanted

100sc2-diodeAlberto Sanna in Madrid is looking to purchase a new 100SC2 Varactor-Varicap diode for the 830´s BFO. If you can help contact him on  a.sanna@wanadoo.es







Eddystone 960 wanted

October 16, 2016 By: chris Category: Wanted

Bruce KA2IVY is looking for an Eddystone 960 receiver. Need not be working, more concerned with completeness than anything else. Other project Eddystones also of interest. Contact: Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY Syracuse, New York USA    EMAIL: ka2ivy@verizon.net



Winged Selector Knob required for 730/1A

October 06, 2016 By: chris Category: Wanted

Jim, G4MEZ would like a replacement winged metal selectivity selector knob for his Eddystone 730/1A. It’s been replaced at some time with an ordinary knob and it is just not right. Contact  Jim via jim@eastment.net  or 07789 771931




Eddystone 1830 wanted

October 02, 2016 By: chris Category: Wanted

Jim, K4AXF, is looking for an Eddystone 1830 (/1 or /2) in excellent visual and working condition.  Contact him at jstoneback@verizon.net.