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1uF + 1uF capacitors wanted for AW2 replica

February 16, 2019 By: chris Category: Wanted

Chris G4UDG in Kidsgrove, Staffs, is making an Eddystone AW-2 replica and is struggling to find the metal cased 1uF + 1uF capacitor. If anyone can help Chris obtain an orginal capacitor then contact him on  e mail at christopher@chrisfawkes.plus.com





6 pin Medium Wave Coil wanted for Eddystone All World Two

February 10, 2019 By: chris Category: Wanted

The Rev Adrian Heath G4GDR in Swindon is looking for a six pin medium wave coil for his Eddystone All World Two receiver. If you can help Adrian contact him via e mail  adrianh194@icloud.com






Eddystone S880/2 receiver wanted

February 05, 2019 By: chris Category: Wanted

Steve in Ireland is looking for an Eddystone S880/2. Does not have to be working but must be in good cosmetic condition and not “been got at “ or otherwise botched. Table mounting version preferable.
Steve is located in Ireland but can arrange collection/pick-up in UK if necessary. Contact Steve at steve@ballysheen.net if you can help him.

Replacement Speaker for S688 Loudspeaker wanted

January 04, 2019 By: chris Category: Wanted

Frank Hallworth recently bought an S688 speaker unit, however the speaker itself is faulty and he is looking for a replacement. If you can help Frank contact him on frank@forward-induction.co.uk.





Eddystone EB35 parts wanted

November 05, 2018 By: chris Category: Wanted

Andrew 2E0NDZ in Stratford upon Avon, has now managed to purchase a working Eddystone EB35 receiver, but needs to locate a scrap set with a good glass dial as his model is missing some text, He also needs a battery case and a mains psu.

Andrew is also looking for a BFO oscillator coil for an Eddystone EC10 Mk.1

If you can help Andrew contact him on andrewhumphriss@tinyworld.co.uk






Eddystone 1004 wanted

September 08, 2018 By: chris Category: Wanted

Bart in France is looking to buy an Eddystone 1004 in reasonable condition, not necessarily working but complete. Might be under a Marconi or Redifon or ITT badge. Seller is hopefully prepared to ship to France ( with parcel2Go or Monkeyparcel…). Contact Bart via e mail bart.slager@gmail.com if you can help him.





Wanted Dial Glass for Eddystone 870A receiver

August 06, 2018 By: chris Category: Wanted

Wanted Dial glass for a Eddystone 870A receiver. If anyone can help contact John on zl3trr@slingshot.co.nz






Wanted Dial Plate for Eddystone 840A

August 03, 2018 By: chris Category: Wanted

Jos Raven PA0SMX, in the Netherlands is looking for a dial plate for his Eddystone 840A receiver. If you can help him contact him by e mail jos.raven@gmail.com




Wanted 1st IF transformer for EB36A

July 30, 2018 By: chris Category: Wanted


Ernesto M0KLB is looking for the 1st  IF transformer (465kHz) for a Eddystone EB-36a model.  If you can help Ernesto, contact him on  erniekidlington@yahoo.co.uk





Dial plate for Eddystone S750 wanted in USA

June 24, 2018 By: chris Category: Wanted

Fred in the USA is restoring an S750 and needs a dial plate if you can help him you can contact him on drphred@charter.net