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  1. Kim Darker says:

    EC 10 available after house clearance. I just don’t want to throw it in the skip!!
    Location Hemel Hempstead or Milton Keynes.
    Not used in over 40 years but could get something out of it with a half descent aerial and an RF amp in front.
    Any takers?

  2. Norm Lee says:

    Ok, I have a 730/6, and as it hasn’t been used for several years, am going through it with the proverbial f.t.c! The tuning capacator has a cover, and on the cover is a switch labelled H.T. ON. OFF. So can someone please tell me what this switch does.? It isin the “off” position and I am disinclined to switch it. Any info gratefully received.
    Norm Lee vk5gi


  3. Richard Stewart says:

    serial No HP0 790

    Type S924

    Could you please help me with age of radio

    • The S924 is the mains converter for a small transistor set. Can you identify the model number of the receiver from the front panel. Chris G0EYO

  4. Michael M1ALT says:

    Where can I source a waveband swith for an Eddystone 740 in the U.K?

  5. Ross Bradshaw says:

    I have an Eddy-stone S 640 receiver. Thinking of doing a complete re-valve but having trouble getting 6K8GT and EB 34 valves. Anyone know where I can get them from, getting the rest from Langrex valves.

    Regards Ross Bradshaw G4DTD (details http://www.qrz.com )

  6. Peter Gostelow says:

    Just had an Eddystone S640 finger plate printed and laminated by ‘Action Graffix’ UK.
    Absolutely brilliant – my E-mail petergostelow@hotmail.com if you would like to see a photo of the results.
    Regards to all
    Peter 2W0HOH