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Eddystone Receivers for Sale

April 09, 2019 By: chris Category: For Sale

John Draper who is based near Lincoln has the following four Eddystone receivers for sale:


He has owned these items for almost twenty five years and  frequently powers up these items to keep the electrolytic capacitors healthy. Because of their weight, they are buyer collect, this also enables prospective buyers to view, try before they buy. John says that to make these receivers operate anything like the manufacturer intended, it will be necessary to replace the electrolytic and the polyester capacitors as a minimum bu they are they are complete and unmolested.

The cosmetic condition is typical of these units, not immaculate but not shoddy. They have always been stored in the house, in a dry warm environment.

Sensible offers considered. Contact John on draperln6@virginmedia.com

Update 23/4/19. Receiver 1001 has now been sold and so no longer available.