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Want help on servicing your Eddystone?.  Got good advice for others who may need help?. Want to exchange information?. This forum is for the use of all who appreciate the radios and associated items made by Eddystone Radio in the UK. It is hosted on the Yahoo Group site “eddystone-radio-users group forum” under the moderation of EUG Trustees Chris Harmer, M0HMR, and Gerry O’Hara VE7GUH. We would encourage you to sign up to the forum. A great deal of Eddystone equipment is still in use by those who appreciate the looks, the classic mechanical and electrical design, and the superb operating “feel” of these radios.  For over 50 years, the Eddystone brand was the radio of choice for Governments, Armed Forces and Maritime Services worldwide. Please use this site for discussion, reminiscences, anecdotes, sales and wants, indeed anything relating to Eddystone equipment and associated topics. Posting rights are by application to the moderators but only to protect us from the usual internet problems.



Eddystone 840C, 888 and EA12