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A historic archive of all posts pubished by Wythall Radio Club follows. Each page has 50 articles.

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   4.  The Eddystone User Group – A Brief History
   5.  The History of Eddystone Radio
   6.  Eddystone Characters
   7.  Eddystone Radio Collections
   8.  Eddystones in Famous Places
   9.  People and Personalities from Eddystone Radio
   10.  Servicing Eddystone Receivers
   11.  Eddystone Components
   12.  Data Sheets and Catalogues from the Eddystone Radio Factory
   13.  Eddystone User Group Newsletters
   14.  QRG – The Ultimate Quick Reference Guide
   15.  Eddystone Short Wave Manuals
   16.  Eddystone Factory Blueprint Register
   17.  Service Manuals for Eddystone Receivers
   18.  Technical Information
   19.  Restoration Projects
   20.  Articles on Eddystone Receivers from early issues of the Wireless World Magazine
   21.  EUG Member’s Survey 2006
   22.  Eddystone Adverts Page
   23.  Spares for Eddystone Receivers
   24.  The Eddystone User Group “Forum”
   25.  Searching for Eddystone Items on eBay
   26.  List of Useful links to other web sites with Eddystone Connections
   27.  Make a Donation to the EUG fund
   28.  About The Eddystone User Group
   29.  Contact & Comments
   30.  Graeme Wormald G3GGL SK
   31.  James De La Mare SK
   32.  Ted Moore G7AIR SK
   33.  Items for Sale or Wanted – Terms and Conditions
   34.  Eddystone Newsletters available to purchase on CD ROM and DVD
   35.  Eddystone User Group Newsletters
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   1.  See For Sale section – Rare opportunity to purchase two S696/1 Absorption Meters with history
   2.  Rare opportunity to purchase two S696/1 Absorption Meters with history
   3.  For Sale incomplete 770R Mk1 for spares / restoration
   4.  Eddystone 830 Receiver – TUNING and INCREMENTAL knobs wanted
   5.  Eddystone Edometer for sale
   6.  EC10 receiver and battery box for sale with original box
   7.  New article from Gerry O’Hara on his S820 AM/FM Tuner
   8.  Wanted: cabinet for EC958 receiver
   9.  More QSL cards from Eddystone’s past
   10.  Eddystone 940 and 840A Receivers available, Free of Charge
   11.  Arthur Edwards G6XJ QSL card found
   12.  Eddystone Speaker, Battery Box and unused Waterproof DCB for Sale
   14.  Beware of being scammed when selling or buying Eddystone sets and parts
   15.  Eddystone 830/4 re – re – re visited by Gerry O’Hara VE7GUH
   16.  Eddystone 680/2 Revisited by Gerry O’Hara VE7GUH
   17.  Postscript to ‘Installing a 500KHz Crystal Calibrator Unit in an Eddystone S.940’ – Gerry O’Hara, VE7GUH
   18.  Eddystone S888A Revisited by Gerry O’Hara VE7GUH
   19.  Mains connector for Eddystone S870A wanted
   20.  Nice Edometer S902 complete and boxed for sale
   21.  Mains Filter Unit 732 Manufacturing Data
   22.  Installing a 500kHz calibrator in an S940 by Gerry O’Hara VE7GUH
   23.  Eddystone S940 Re-visited by Gerry O’Hara
   24.  My Eddystone S.640 Revisited – Gerry O’Hara VE7GUH
   25.  New Restoration Article by Gerry O’Hara VE7GUH: – Eddystone S750 Revisited 2020
   26.  New EC10 Mk1 dial scale artwork in Restoration folder
   27.  Wanted Eddystone 990R VHF receiver in table top cabinet
   28.  Eddystone 830 parts wanted
   29.  For Sale Eddystone S902 GDO Meter
   30.  Eddystone EA12 or 830 receiver wanted
   31.  Would you like to make a donation for the upkeep of this website?
   32.  Wanted 990S PCB or set for parting
   33.  Eddystone EA12 for Sale in Suffolk
   34.  Wanted Case for Eddystone730/1A
   35.  Eddystone 840C for Sale
   36.  S659/670 handle screws wanted
   37.  Join the Eddystone User Group Forum
   38.  EUG Forum moving from Yahoo groups to Group.io
   39.  Wanted Eddystone EC-958
   40.  Eddystone 1830/1 & EC10 for sale in U.S.
   41.  Eddystone 880/1 wanted
   42.  Mains Transformer wanted for S890 receiver
   43.  Eddystone Receivers for Sales 1002/1 / 1990R / 1061B/2 (Panoramic)
   44.  Power supply choke for Eddystone 750 wanted
   45.  Wanted some 774 feet for an Eddystone 888
   46.  Eddystone 1830 Receiver 100kHz IF Filter Alignment by Mike VK4GV
   47.  Wanted for 680X Replacement slugs to fit antenna coil Band 1
   48.  Coils for Eddystone All Wave 2 wanted
   49.  Eddystone EC958 wanted
   50.  ” Radio Dentistry” (article on working in tight spaces) by Gerry O’Hara
   51.  New articles on Restoring Eddystone S750 and 1830/1 receivers
   52.  A nice bit of Eddystone History
   53.  New Article on Restoration of 1830/1 by Mike VK4GV
   54.  1uF + 1uF capacitors wanted for AW2 replica
   55.  Eddystone S880/2 receiver wanted
   56.  Eddystone EC958 receiver for sale in Croatia
   57.  Replacement Speaker for S688 Loudspeaker wanted
   58.  Eddystone EB35 parts wanted
   59.  Eddystone 1004 wanted
   60.  Eddystone 840C for sale
   61.  Wanted Dial Glass for Eddystone 870A receiver
   62.  Wanted Dial Plate for Eddystone 840A
   63.  Eddystone Speaker for sale believed to be Type 935
   64.  Wanted 1st IF transformer for EB36A
   65.  Dial plate for Eddystone S750 wanted in USA
   66.  Eddystone 6 pin Coil Former Sockets Wanted
   67.  Dial required for Eddystone 830/7 receiver
   68.  Eddystone 680X for sale
   69.  Eddystone in Delaware Pennsylvania
   70.  Rare Eddystone 909A receiver arrives at Military Wireless Museum
   71.  840C Magic Eye problem solved
   72.  820 FM tuner wanted in the U.S.
   73.  Eddystone 958/7E Receiver for sale.
   74.  770R Range 2 turret assembly wanted
   75.  Eddystone 960 receiver wanted
   76.  Eddystone 740 for sale
   77.  Case for Eddystone 840C wanted
   78.  Main Receiver board for 990S wanted
   79.  Eddystone 680X restored by Javier LU6EJE
   80.  Aerials and Cover for Eddystone Noise Measuring Set No 40A
   81.  Can you recognise this component?
   82.  870 Parts wanted
   83.  Eddystone 730/4 wanted
   84.  Ex Merchant Navy RO looking for good Eddystone Receiver
   85.  S640 Dial wanted
   86.  BFO knob for 830 wanted
   87.  Bill Cooke’s funeral arrangements
   88.  Bill Cooke GW0ION silent key aged 96.
   89.  Drive Cord and Dial for 888A wanted
   90.  Clean Eddystone S870A wanted
   91.  New e mail address for Gerry O’Hara
   92.  Eddystone Speaker Wanted
   93.  Varactor Diode 100SC2 wanted
   94.  Eddystone 960 wanted
   95.  Winged Selector Knob required for 730/1A
   96.  Eddystone 1830 wanted
   97.  Eddystone Parts for Sale
   98.  Bet you would like these under your pillow!
   99.  Replacement core for S38 of S830 receiver wanted
   100.  Eddystone 830 for sale
   101.  Eddystone EC958 for sale
   102.  Eddystone EA12 For Sale
   103.  Mains Transformer for Eddystone 740 wanted
   104.  Aerial Cap for Eddystone 888A wanted
   105.  Eddystone 750 Receiver for sale
   106.  Parts for All World 2 wanted
   107.  EC10 IF Transformers wanted or complete board
   108.  Eddystone Stand-off Beehive Insulators wanted
   109.  Arthur Edwards G6XJ in 1929
   110.  Eddystone “Broadcast” Receiver wanted
   111.  Wanted: Case for EC10
   112.  New Article on Restoration of Eddystone 888
   113.  EA12 wanted
   114.  Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year
   115.  Unmodified Cabinet for 840C wanted
   116.  Eddystone Dealer’s sign re-surfaces in Wiltshire Auction
   117.  Decent Eddystone Receiver wanted
   118.  EC958/3 performs very well in ARRL measurement tests
   119.  Was there ever an Eddystone television?
   120.  Immaculate S740 sells for £176
   121.  Absorption Wavemeter Model 696 sells for £62
   122.  All World Two sold for £1020!
   123.  Orion 7000 the last Eddystone HF Transceiver
   124.  Issues with the Gallery pictures
   125.  Why a P.U. connection on a 888A?
   126.  It is surprising what you get to open when you are Mayor!
   127.  Eddystone Radio Tie-pin and cuff-links?
   128.  Edometer S902 MkII sold for £68
   129.  Santi EA2UM’s Eddystone 940 with speaker
   130.  Eddystone 1650/6 sells for £314 on E bay
   131.  Eddystone 960 sells for £333
   132.  Filters for S6200 Receiver
   133.  Subscribe to EUG News
   134.  New format for EUG Website
   135.  Welcome to the Eddystone User Group Website
   136.  Graeme Wormald G3GGL SK
   137.  Eddystone 940 in good condition
   138.  faceplate dial and circular scale off a receiver Eddystone 730/1A or 730/4
   139.  James De La Mare SK 1939 – 2014
   140.  Need a replacement meter for your 669S meter?
   141.  Memento of RSGB’s 75th anniversary celebration 1988
   142.  New Eddystone price guide
   143.  Ted Moore SK 1933-2011

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