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  1. Sir I have been searching for a Block diagram of the house brick ship radio
    IMR 54 it appears to be model 700 on the eddystone web site page !

    and also on page 33 is the ships antenna set up [[this page 33 will not give me the A4 size copy but will inside on giving to me a postage stamp size only to which is unreadable
    please can you help in sending to me an email for the 2 above pieces of information Only printed on A4 paper that way this will a;;ow me to read this new informatyion

    Respectfully Terence N11 London UK

    • Terence. Not sure what you are looking at is it this service manual ?
      Chris G0EYO Webmaster

      • Thank you Chis,
        Good Morning Sir,
        Thank You your time and support !
        The above book Not looking at this book no – Book IMR54 this had the full schematic and the antenna description [no receiver block diagram].

        I wanted was the full separate blocks that do make up the whole receiver schematic but in Block form.

        wanted was this receiver antenna ( within same book as the full Schematic) description.
        I could not print this; Meaning when it got copied on A4 paper the full of antenna size was no bigger than a postage stamp after I printed [[no matter what I did I could not print -Please help.

        • Terence
          Sorry I dont have the book you refer to on !MR54 or information on the receive antenna. I will send you invite to join EUG forum on groups.io and you can ask on there. Someone may have the information. Regards
          Chris G0EYO

  2. Norm Lee says:

    Help! I have a 960, which looks in reasonable condition. Trouble is I get no response at all when I switch it on – nothing, no snap crackle or pop! So, the output stage is suspected, especially the possibility of corrosion in the headphone jack. Can’t get to that withouttaking the faceplate off! If I have to ultimately, so be it, but has anyone sot ant other ideas, I have put my meter across the speaker jack, and get a “dead short”, which presumably means the speaker coil is ok. Anyone got ANY ideas, please. Yep, A2and earth terminals are shorted and The fuse is ok! Please help an ol’ feller out here!
    Norm. vk5gi

  3. James Gardner says:

    Hi, I have just purchased an EB35 to repair and restore, is it possible to access your previous magazines for information please.

    • Jim They are all freely available on this website. Look for EUG Newsletters under Eddystone sets banner

  4. Christopher cullin says:

    Hi my name is Chris Cullin.Im new to the eddy stone user group,and would love to receive information updates from your community.The model I own is eddy stone 840c many thanks

    • Chris I will send you an invite to join the Eddystone User Group.io forum. Best place for information and parts
      Chris G0EYO Admin

  5. Hi Chris,
    I am looking for a couple of eddystone or raymart 6 pin coil holder sockets and wonder if you could tell me how I place this on your wanted list.
    Kind Regards
    David Seymour

    • David I will send you an invite to join the Eddystone User Group.io forum. Best place for information and parts
      Chris G0EYO Admin

  6. christopher cullin says:

    Hi I’m new to the eddy stone user group just purchased my second eddy stone receiver 840c in very good condition just needs the case reprinting.Happy new to all