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  1. Richard Popescue says:

    I’ve just taken possession of a mint EB35 MK1 radio that appears to have an electrical issue.
    The transformer in the 924 power supply seems to be leaking and shows signs of burning.
    Can you let me know of a replacement or provide me with the specifications of the transformer used int the 924 power supply.
    Thank you in advance, I look forward to your earliest convenient response.


    • Richard
      Try Ian Nutt on e mail iandcnutt@msn.com he has some Eddystone spares and might be able to help. you often see 924 PSU’s for sale on E bay so you might also find one there.
      Chris G0EYO

  2. Bryan Morley-Pack says:

    I have the 740 Eddystone from which I detached the front end some years ago so that I could fit a replacement dial and finger plate. I have all the bits and pieces from when the dismantling took place but I cannot remember which bit goes where ! Could someone please help me overcome this problem ? Thank you. Bryan. M3HZV

    • Bryan, there are some good articles in the Restoration Section of the website. One on Eddystone dials and drives plus an article on restoring a 740. You might find what you are looking for there.
      Chris G0EYO EUG Webmaster

  3. stev halkyard says:

    i have a MK11 edometer for sale it belong to my late father in law Ron Drew who was good friends with Graeme wormald

    the sensitvy pot need repairing/replacing iam open to offers i also have numerous literature on eddystone radios etc etc

  4. Keith Innes says:

    I have held on to an Eddystone 840A since 1955 when at sea.
    There is an identical model on EBay for £20. I would be pleased to sell, at same price, to any buyer who can arrange collection at Moffat, Scotland, within say the next 6 months. (Location 1 mile from junction 15 M74)
    The power cord is adrift but it was working fine when last used some years ago.
    The black case is a little worn but in acceptable condition.


  5. Don Forbes says:

    Hey guys. I’m in the US and I’m looking for an 820 FM tuner. Even an S 930/2 would be nice, but I understand those are very rare.


    Don Forbes

  6. Chris Fawkes says:

    Hello , I am about to start to build an Eddystone AW-2 regen receiver , I see it uses a 1uf+1uf capacitor ( 2 capacitors in one case ) , as this type is very difficult to get hold of, could I just use 2 x 1uf caps with both negative leads to earth ? or any other suggestions ?
    Many thanks
    Chris G4UDG.

    • You will occasionally see them for sale on E bay if you want authentic old style caps. No reason why you cant use two 1uF caps instead if authenticity is not the aim. Regards.Chris G0EYO