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  1. Hi, I’m looking for the manual for eddystone 1650 RCU Remote Control. Could you help me? Thank you for your time. Sunny greetings from Belgium
    Willy De Smet

  2. Fred Gordon says:

    Does anyone know where I could get 3, 6.5v, 0.3A, baynot bulbs for the front panel of an 850/4. Thanks

  3. Jim K4AXF says:

    Wanted: Incremental and Tuning knobs for Eddystone 1830/1.

  4. Amanda Bowskill says:

    Hi, I hope this is the right place to send this information & apologise in advance if it is not.

    I work in Local Government and we have had a gentleman sadly pass away who appears to have liked his Eddystone receivers. I am dealing with his estate and the items are going into auction.
    As they are quiet specialist, I thought you may want to let your members know that they are going into general auction on Wednesday 6th March 2019 at Alford & District Cricket Club Pavilion, Low Lane, Well, Near Alford LN13 0ET. The auctioneer is Willsons of Alford and they will post the sale catalogue on line once complete.

    The items are: 840c, 60x, 77TR, 730/4, 770U MKII, 770R MKII plus one more which does not have a model number on it. I cannot confirm if they work.

    Please could you pass on these details to anyone who maybe interested. If anyone needs anymore information, please can they contact the auctioneer closer to the date of the auction. All contact details can be found on the internet.

    Many thanks, Amanda

  5. Frank Arthur Hallworth says:

    I recently bought an S688 speaker howe’ve the driver is faulty Could you put an advert in the wanted section please

  6. I bought for £80.00 at FRARS a year or two ago from an amateur who was absent an Eddystone EC10 Mark II, which has been mid tower amongst my AV equipment in the lounge.
    Sadly while fitting wheels to the tower to allow (safer re-carpeting) the tower went over and the only casualty was the EC10. The tuning line is at an angle and the usually progressive tuning wheel has lost the usual connectedness.
    I know if I take it apart I might spoil the whole thing. This is too good to think I will get away with rethreading the cord. though I am tempted to at least have a look., I think it has more than one role to play and anticipate some confusion which can be fatal.
    Can you advise? I live in Ringwood Hampshire and I will travel to deliver this set to
    someone skilled in the art ( for a fee of course) but mainly to ensure I do not make matters worse, radios are a factor or three too small for my workmanship. I had a DR49 decades ago from the same source (Flight Refuelling) which eventually had me reverse the p[olarity which taught me a powerful lesson about biting off more than….
    Tim Baber editor@msbnews.co.uk 01425 461360