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  1. Mauro says:

    Good morning, I’m looking for a service manual receiver EC958/12
    Mauro, iz1gcx.

  2. John Duffy says:

    Hi my neighbor has an Eddystone Marine Radio? She thinks the serial no. Is IM3292. There is another no. She thinks is possibly a model no. That is 587OA, do you have any information that could help her with the background of her radio? thank you..John..

    • Sounds like an S870A with a serial numberIM3292. Have a look at the Quick Reference Guide on the website and also the service manual and other data on there.
      Chris G0EYO

  3. I have aquired an Eddystone radio which I cannot find referenced in your “Post War Eddystone Radios” PDF. The radio is an Eddystone EC10A, serial number, CP0995. The front panel is identical to the “standard” EC10, mark one, except that it has brackets on each end for rack mounting. The rear panel has what looks like an old UHF screw connector for the aerial connection, together with a socket marked “SKT1” and another marked “LS” (there is a speaker inside). The power supply unit takes either 12volts or 24volts DC (via what looks like a Bulgin socket), addressable with an internal switch. It is marked STRATTON & SONS. The frequency range is the same as the standard EC10. It looks factory adapted. Any info on this strange set?

    • Eddystone often made specials for certain customers ie BBC, DWS, etc and if this is a factory mod that is probably what happened.No way of knowing who the customer might have been but sometimes you find a customers label on receivers eg BBC.
      Chris G0EYO

      • Oh, that’s a shame. I’d imagined that the Eddystone User Group would have records of serial numbers on film or microfiche. Maybe I should take it to the next Eddystone rally. Where are these held and how often?

        • no such thing as an Eddystone rally but there are radio rallies held throughout the country but less than there used to be.