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You can contact the Eddystone User Group by writing to

Chris Pettitt
EUG Webmaster
12 Hennals Avenue, Webheath, Redditch, B97 5RX

Or by email g0eyo@blueyonder.co.uk

Or you can leave us a message on this comments page but a better way of entering into a dialogue with Eddystone enthusiasts is to join the Eddystone User Groups.io forum. https://groups.io/g/EddystoneUserGroup Here you will find 400+ Eddystone enthusiasts and experts who can answer your questions and give advice.

This section allows you to let us know what you think of our website, tell us about your Eddystone’s or even answer a question you might have. All comments are moderated to avoid misuse or spamming  and your comment should appear within 24 hours of you making it. You will have to give your name and e mail address when completing the comment box. We might use this to contact you individually if the request warrants it. We won’t be using the information for any other purpose.

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  1. Ali Adnan says:

    sir i have Eddystone model EC10/2 it is only working in 2 ranges Range 2&3 is working but 2182 kcs Range 3.4.&5 not working i want to fix this issue can i deliverd to at your lab and tell me price of over all restoration.i am from pakistan

  2. Mike Justice says:

    Hi Chris,
    I have a Eddystone Twin complete and may sell in the future, what value would it have an estimate would be fine.
    Kind Regards

  3. hello Chris,
    I’m new to the Eddystone group, so please forgive me if I’m in the wrong place! I have a 740, on which I’m still working, an EC-10 mk2, working and just fine, and an EB-36 which is just as it left the factory, cosmetically and electronically. No tune up needed!
    I am looking for an 870, really any condition but preferably with the valves. Can anyone in the group help me out here?
    Norm Lee vk5gi
    McLaren Vale, South Australia

    • Norm
      I have put an ad on wanted page for your 870 set and sent you an invitation to join the Eddystone User Group forum which will put you in contact with 300+ enthusiasts for this marque.
      Chris G0EYO

  4. Martin Smith says:

    Hello, Maybe someone has mentioned it below, but the “Ultra Short Wave Guide (1936)” scan has two page 15s and no page 14, missing the first page of the “Super-Regenerative Three” article!

    • Thanks Martin, perhaps someone out there will have a complete copy we can upload in place of the one that is on h ere. But well spotted
      Chris G0EYO

  5. Geoff Wheeler says:

    Hi Chris
    Thank you for advertising my radio. I’m happy to say that it is now sold so I would be grateful if you would remove the ad.
    Kind Regards
    Geoff wheeler

  6. Jouko Rasi says:

    Hi Mike VK4GV, I was talking to a friend today who is a DXer. My old boss Col Robertson was ham radio operator in Brisbane in the 60s and 70s. The call sign VK4GV popped into my mind. So I am just curious, did I remember it right or totally wrong? My mobile no. is 0417789085.