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  1. Geoff Wheeler says:

    I have a S670A receiver for sale in working order. I’m in Milton Keynes and any prospective buyer would need to collect it as it’s very heavy. I’m asking £70 for it.
    I would prefer it if you didn’t publish my email address but my phone number is 07711566309.
    Kind Regards

  2. Jim K4AXF says:

    This radio has been sold. Thanks! – Jim

    Jim K4AXF has an Eddystone 1830/1 in good cosmetic and working condition available for sale to a stateside Eddystone enthusiast. He is asking $1000 plus something toward shipping. Jim is located in Virginia and will supply pics upon request.

  3. is there a distributor in Indonesia?

  4. Jim K4AXF says:

    I have an Eddystone 1830/1 in good cosmetic and working condition available for sale to a stateside Eddystone enthusiast. Asking $1000 plus something toward shipping. I am located in Virginia. Pics upon request.

    Also an EC-10 in fair-good cosmetic condition. Worked until recently. Asking $100 plus shipping. Again, pics upon request.

    73, Jim

  5. Looking for two 4-pin ‘McMurdo’ sockets to fit a EB35 Mk. III, making up a battery pack and a regulated supply for same. Any ideas? The Mk. III cabinet also needs the four plastic (?) grilles that go on the sides, but I really doubt these are available; looks as if these were attached by four plastic ‘rivets each. And, of course, the two dial illumination bulbs, which do not resemble anything I’ve ever seen in America. Comments appreciated.

    The Mk. III came from India and works very well, even the FM band.

    Nick van Vonno

  6. Robert Honeysett says:

    Dear Chris,
    I have finally decided to resurrect a B38 and it’s PSU, having been is my shed for some 30 years. Knowing how well equipment of this era was well built, I reckon I will be successful. At least I understand the circuitry and all case screws came undone easily!
    I have a full coil set in the original box……save one that is truly beyond recovery. The cabinet will be a challenge (paint job!) and finding a correct main tuning knob. I have a stock of valves if required.
    Anyway, any comments would be welcome together with a circuit diagram (this set has a noise limiter).
    Many Thanks.
    Robert Honeysett