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Original Eddystone 730/4 wanted

November 10, 2019 By: chris Category: Wanted

Steve G4YXU  currently living in France is looking for an Eddystone 730/4. Steve says it must be working more-or-less as per original spec (which almost certainly means refurbished, with resistors replaced, aligned, etc.) and in decent shape aesthetically, though that is less important. He is  aware that sets meeting both these requirements are rare and more expensive and he is willing to bear that in mind, within reason. He is in no hurry, and would rather wait until the right set comes along than buy one that needs work to get it fully up to spec.

Living in France, he recognises that sending a set like this by courier would be prohibitively expensive (and probably bad news for the set) so he would collect next time he came back to the UK. If you can help Steve contact him via  srawcliffe@gmail.com