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  1. Hi guys.Eddystone 870A Dial Glass wanted. I am an experienced Valve radio restorer – Picked up a nice little 870A last weekend (Grey version) for very little money. Its previous owner was unable to replace the broken dial glass and gave up on it. I have replaced the dial with perspex and and remade a very accurate fequency scale on acetate..But off course only black print works on a printer..looks and works OK, but not very original. Do these ever come up or are they unobtanium?..Thanks Steve G3ZPS

    • Steve
      Try Ian Nutt he has spare parts for many Eddystone radios. Contact him on iandcnutt@msn.com. Also might be worth you joining the Eddystone User Group Yahoo Forum and put a request on there. Finally I think in the Restoration section of the EUG website there are several articles, artwork and templates for the 870A receiver. Regards
      Chris G0EYO