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  1. dave carden says:


    I have an Eddystone S750 and matching S-meter which has been lying around in my shack for a long time. Bought this when first licenced in the early 1960s but could do to pass on to a collector. Still works OK but could do with some TLC. Serial No. L12368. Thought of putting on Ebay when I came across your site. Looking for the optimum way to sell on. Any help much appreciated.

    Dave, G3RIK

  2. Ray Rosler says:

    where can I obtain the following parts

    1 wave knob D3008
    2 chrome Handles 5826p
    1 flex coupler D1680
    1 coupler D3084
    1 L24 coil range 9

  3. Ray Rosler says:

    I have a Eddystone model 830/4 that requires lots of TLC. I am in need of a set of 9 crystals. Could you advise me the freq of each xtal

    • Have a look in the service manual you can download from the website. Chris G0EYO

      • Ray Rosler says:

        Thanks for the info.
        The following are the parts I need

        1 wave knob D3008
        2 chrome handles
        2 flexible couplers D1680
        1 coupler incr D3084
        1 mixer coil D3275 range 9

  4. Mike DesChenes says:

    Hi, I just picked up a beautiful Eddystone 990R but it needs to be restrung. I can not find anything that shows the proper arrangement of the string. Could you point me in the right direction?

    Mike Deschenes

  5. hi just purchased a 840b/c to remove cover does all knobs need removing from front,thanks ken

  6. Jon McDowell says:

    Thanks Chris.

    I have joined the yahoo group and have found where to start the process.

    Thanks again