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  1. stev halkyard says:

    i have a MK11 edometer for sale it belong to my late father in law Ron Drew who was good friends with Graeme wormald

    the sensitvy pot need repairing/replacing iam open to offers i also have numerous literature on eddystone radios etc etc

  2. Keith Innes says:

    I have held on to an Eddystone 840A since 1955 when at sea.
    There is an identical model on EBay for £20. I would be pleased to sell, at same price, to any buyer who can arrange collection at Moffat, Scotland, within say the next 6 months. (Location 1 mile from junction 15 M74)
    The power cord is adrift but it was working fine when last used some years ago.
    The black case is a little worn but in acceptable condition.


  3. Don Forbes says:

    Hey guys. I’m in the US and I’m looking for an 820 FM tuner. Even an S 930/2 would be nice, but I understand those are very rare.


    Don Forbes

  4. Chris Fawkes says:

    Hello , I am about to start to build an Eddystone AW-2 regen receiver , I see it uses a 1uf+1uf capacitor ( 2 capacitors in one case ) , as this type is very difficult to get hold of, could I just use 2 x 1uf caps with both negative leads to earth ? or any other suggestions ?
    Many thanks
    Chris G4UDG.

    • You will occasionally see them for sale on E bay if you want authentic old style caps. No reason why you cant use two 1uF caps instead if authenticity is not the aim. Regards.Chris G0EYO