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  1. P Castle says:

    Dear Chris, clearing out my attic and came across and old eddystone radio receiver with the following number Z1/5820-99-199-2527 printed on the case. can you please advise what can be done with it and is it possible worth anything???


    P M C

    • I think this is a 730/4 as that is a military part number. Send me a picture to be sure g0eyo@blueyonder.co.uk . I sold one a few years ago for £150 in good condition very nice set. When we can confirm set details I will happily put it up on the For Sale part of the website

  2. The audio output transformer T5 in my EA12 has failed. Why may I obtain a replacement please? Bear in mind that I am in South Africa , Regards

  3. Dear Chris,
    I am just starting up a little company called Lindars Radios, we will be buying and selling all types of amateur radio equipment. Would it be at all possible please to have a one off mention on your site for your members.
    Kind Regards
    Justin Lindars M3JVL
    Site Address: http://www.AmateurRadioSales.co.uk

  4. steve halkyard says:

    Looking for on off volume switch for a Mark 2 Edometer, it was my father in laws Ron Drew who sadly passed away last would like to get it working and it will be up for sale

  5. Patrick Bradshaw says:

    Please do I have to have a Yahoo email account to join the group? I have tried but the software does not seem to co-operate.
    I own a 358x given me by Alan Strong G3WXI.
    Pat Bradshaw