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  1. Patricia Dominy says:

    Hi I’m not sure if you can help me but I hope you can
    I have a Murphy 146 batwing radio and the last time my father plugged it in it worked
    It’s been sat around and collecting dust inside so I’m not going to try it myself
    Are there any collectors or museum out there that maybe you could give me some numbers please

  2. helcio says:

    Dear Eddystone Group,
    I have here in Rio de Janeiro, the Communication Receiver Eddystone 958.
    I have too, many original spare parts.
    I would like to know if someone need to restore the 958.
    I am intend to place this parts available on the ebay, or directly to the interesteds friends.


  3. David Brain says:

    Could I please have access to the following manuals :-

    EDDY 730/4 File of Circuits 1954

    EDDY EA 12 Manual 1964

    EDDY Orion 7000 TRCVR 1996

    I would like to join the E.U.G. io.forum. as my interest in EDDystone radios is escalating rapidly and I find your website very interesting and helpful.


    David Brain

    • David, I am afraid those files are no longer available since we lost our scanning facilities. You could ask for help on the EUG forum. Chris G0EYO Admin

  4. My Name is Terence: N11 London.
    I wanting Receiver Block Diagram for the Ship Radio IMR 54!
    on the eddystone website Manuals the listed manual do say IMR 54-700 where this only shows the schematic and the antenna description nothing else.
    any supporters.

    Terence date-Feb 2nd 2021

    • Terence you need to put this request on the Eddystone User Group.io forum you have recently joined. Chris G0EYO